Mold remover and mold repellent

Mold remover - with chlorine or chlorine-free

Mold remover and mold repellent: surfaces

Depending on the severity of the mold and the nature of the substrate manufacturers offer reliable products for mold removal on.

In heavy infestation on resistant surfaces are available Mildewener with chlorine on. The high-intensity and immediate-acting mold destroyers spray on the affected areas, if necessary, work it with a household brush and let it act for about 20 minutes. During this time, the mold fungus cultures are permanently destroyed and can no longer deliver spores. It is then rinsed thoroughly with clear water and washed off. And you are rid of the problem for a long time.

Mold remover and mold repellent: remover

All absorbent surfaces with mold infestation need chlorine-free mold remover. These are ideal in the living room and bedroom because they are odorless and emission-free. You work the mold remover with a brush, and then let it act as well. Since they can remain harmless on the ground, you do not wash them off.

Mold remover and mold repellent: mold

What on dark traces remains, you can simply wipe with a slightly damp cloth or a sponge. The treated surfaces can easily be painted over.

Mold protection and mold prevention

Mold remover and mold repellent: surfaces

Once the acute mold infestation has been fought, you can also use the finished surfaces preventative in the long term with the mold protection. This is especially recommended for endangered but hard to reach places such as exterior walls behind cabinets, mirrors or the like.

Incidentally, many mold damage can already be seen in the construction or renovation phase avoid it from the start by adding an anti-mold additive to wet room, color-fungicidal colors (wet room colors), paste or fungicidal grout.

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