Fight mold with home remedies - which ones are there?

When it comes to the superficial elimination of mold, you do not necessarily have to resort to the chemical mace. Also home remedies often help in the removal of mold quite effectively. What is there, and what you should pay attention to, you will read in this post.

Application areas for home remedies

You can apply home remedies for mold removal only where it comes to the superficial removal of mold on smaller areas. In all other cases, you should definitely have a mold destroyed by a specialist company, especially if:

  • a total of more than 0.5 m² of mold are infested
  • the mold has already penetrated below the surface
  • the mold seems to grow very fast
  • Several, differently colored mold seem to overlap.

In addition, bear in mind that above all you must eliminate the cause of the mold. As long as the source of moisture persists mold will form again and again.

Safety measures during use

Always wear thick rubber gloves, long-sleeved clothing and a sporend-resistant mouthguard when using home remedies. You should make sure that no mold dust is whirled up. If you suffer from breathing difficulties, or are not quite healthy, you prefer to leave the mold cleaning service to other people or a specialist company. Throw away all used rags and sponges immediately, and do not store them in the house.

Proven home remedies

  • Alcohol or medicated alcohol (80%)
  • methylated spirits
  • Hydrogen peroxide from the pharmacy

Cost advantage and health advantage

All of these funds are significantly less expensive than professional mold cleaners from drugstores. In most cases, alcohol, methylated spirits and hydrogen peroxide just cost a few euros, while mold killers can often be significantly more expensive.

Health benefits

Except for the flammability of alcohol, there are no adverse health effects of home remedies. On the other hand, mold killers from the trade can contain substances that are potentially harmful to health and that can also release harmful substances into the indoor air for some time. This is not the case with all products, but with some.


In alcohol and methylated spirits, the effect begins immediately, but does not last long, because the alcohol volatilize very quickly. Hydrogen peroxide takes a little more time, as it first has to convert to water and (active) oxygen. Important when using hydrogen peroxide: The substrate must be absolutely dry when using, otherwise hydrogen peroxide will not work.

Vinegar for mold removal

Vinegar is considered as a universal cleaning agent in the household, and is in the call to be able to combat mold attack. The use of vinegar, however, should be better avoided, as many mold types of acids are even stimulated to growth. For some species, vinegar even provides a nutritious food base.

Tips & Tricks

Coat the mold twice with all of the home remedies (use a brush) and then simply wipe the mold with a rag. Remember to dispose of the cloths immediately after home.

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