Maulschreck comparison 2018

Kaufberatung zum Maulwurfschreck Comparison or Test 2018

  • Moles are actually very useful animals - they fight pests like snails and grubs and by digging up the soil it is made fertile again.
  • A molehill makes vibrations of certain frequencies and vibrations ensure that the insectivore no longer feels well and is driven away.
  • Since moles are protected, it is strictly forbidden to kill or injure the animals. If you do not want to live with the uninvited guest, a moleshow is the most animal friendly method.

Maulschreck comparison 2018: comparison

In Germany, around 22.5 million people work on gardening several times a month (source: VuMA). Plant and water flowers, trim shrubs and mow lawns. However, mowing is more difficult if from the ground not only the grass grows, but also numerous Maulwurfffügel.

To prevent more piles from forming in your garden, the mole must be expelled from the garden. The means by which this can be done, what a molehill must be able to do and which tactic you should best follow with the distributor, can be found in our Maulscheschreck comparison 2018.

1. Which makes the mole uncomfortable

What does nature conservation mean?

Since 1988, moles have been protected. This means that the small insectivore must not be killed, caught or disturbed. The mole is not only a pest control, but also relaxes the soil and makes the soil fertile again for many plant species. As a garden owner, it is annoying to see all the piles of earth, but the uninvited guest can sometimes be quite useful. If you really want to drive him away, use natural and harmless remedies such as the molehill. Anyone who injures, catches or kills a mole must pay a fine for it. Depending on the state, this varies between 10,000 and 65,000 euros.

The six to 22 cm little mole is basically no pest. Rather the opposite is the case - many Pests from the soil are on the menu of the mole, The little digger can only see badly, but hear and smell all the better.
The labyrinth of tunnels can become spread to an area between 2,000 and 6,000 m², Especially in the spring mating season, the aisles are expanded so that the male can claim a larger area. Also in the fall, these mammals expand their tunnels to prepare for the winter. If, however, many small hills appear in your garden and the plants are damaged by the excavations, you want to make sure that the mole is looking for a different location.

Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a Maulschreck test. Since the animals are under protection, it is forbidden to kill the mole. Therefore, we only present to you displacement options that let the animal live. These include the molehill and some home remedies.

Maulwurffallen, carbide, Buttersäure and poisons are forbidden to fight the mole. Since the animal is under protection, it is also forbidden to catch the mole to relocate it. You have to get him to move out of the garden by himself.

2. Is it a mole or a vole?

It often turns out that in your own garden no mole lives, but a vole, For example, even if both animals can be chased away with a solar molehill, we have listed the different signs in the following table.


Maulschreck comparison 2018: 2018

Maulschreck comparison 2018: maulschreck

  • Earth piles are flat, oblong, with plant remains
  • Gears close to the earth's surface
  • Damage to plants by gnawing
  • Plants die from root damage
  • Mound high and round
  • Tunnel system deeper
  • Damage to plants by digging
  • optical damage in the garden due to large mounds
Conclusion: While the vole eats its plants, the mole only cares about the insects in your garden. Do you still want to drive away both troublemakers, We recommend a Mauldenkreck, so as not to harm the animals.

3. ways to expel the mole

Maulschreck comparison 2018: maulschreck

Getting rid of scavenging and moles is more likely by the molehill than by home remedies.

Mole or vole, if you buy and use a molehill, both species are sold. Manufacturers and brands such as Gardigo offer various models here. Most variants will powered by solar panels or battery, But also some remedies from the category "home remedies" can be used for pest control.

3.1. mole Schreck

The mole distributor is a narrow, about 40 cm long pipe, which is introduced into the earth. There the device gives all 15 to 30 seconds of vibrations to the soil, which disturb the mammal, In addition, some variants emit vibrations that shake the tunnel system and the animal and thus drive the mole away. The insectivore feels fast disturbed by the noise and vibrations and will leave your garden.

However, it can also happen that the mole gets used to these disorders. Therefore you should use the Bring molehaw every other week, Start close to your house and gradually set the device in the direction of your property boundary three to four meters away. For this to work, you should in the best case, several mole distributors start up at the same time.

Even the best molehill can not guarantee that the uninvited guest leaves your garden. In such a case, you can only persist and use a few budgetary resources.

3.2. budget

Maulschreck comparison 2018: comparison

Moles take care of many pests in your garden. These include snails, grubs and caterpillars.

Since the Mole has a sensitive earHe rarely visits gardens where children are romping and dogs are playing. Even through the regular operation of lawn mower and grass trimmer, a mole feels disturbed.

The animal also has a fine nose. Severe odors such as garlic, sour milk or vinegar drive the insectivore out of its tunnels. Put these ingredients in the mouth of a molehill and into the corridors, the troublemaker could quickly take off.

Another means for Mole fight represents a wind turbine. The squeaking and Rattling of the windmills is transmitted to the ground and disturbs the mole in a similar way to a molehill. However, these wind turbines are also disturbing for people and can spoil a quiet day in the garden.

Since the Maulbruchschreck is buried in the ground, the vibrations and generated quartz vibrations are hardly perceived by humans. The Noise pollution by the molehill is lower Than by some of the home remedies.

What advantages does a mole distributor have over these home remedies?

  • is in operation for weeks
  • Frequency ranges can be changed
  • Mole does not get used to the device that fast
  • greater range of effect
  • vibrations shake earth
  • come with battery follow-up costs
  • Frequency can disturb people

4. Purchase criteria for moles: You must pay attention to this

In order to find the Maulschreck test winner that is suitable for your garden, you should pay attention to some criteria when buying. For example, a cheap molehill can only cover a small area (about 200 m²) with the vibrations. As a result, you'll need more of these devices than higher quality mole distributors to cover the same impact area. In various Maulschereck tests is beside the Range of action also examines the frequency, energy source and the interval circuit, What you need to know, you will find in our buying guide.

4.1. Environmentally friendly with solar or weather independent with battery

Maulschreck comparison 2018: 2018

Even dogs and cats can be kept away with a combi-molehill.

A molehill can operated with a battery or with solar panels become. If the hours of sunshine in your garden are rather short, we recommend using a mole distributor Battery drive. As a result, the performance remains constant and weather independent, However, the continuous use of several weeks and new batteries (usually 4 mono batteries) are due.

By driving with a solar panel you buy the ecological type. Here is no waste generated by dead batteries and there are no additional costs. However, you should make sure that such a mole distributor with Solar panel lasts for at least a week when the battery is fully charged and the sun does not shine. A device with less power can not disturb the mole long enough to chase it away.

4.2. Range of Effect: Expel the animal with multiple devices

The area of ​​influence of the mole distributor decides how big the area he can cover. A typical garden is about 700 m² in size. Many manufacturers offer the Maulschreck in 2, 3 or 4 packsso you can cover your garden well with a pack in any case.

If your garden is particularly large or you are looking for a mole scare for a large sports complex, various brands also offer a coverage area of ​​over 1,000 m².

4.3. Frequency range: Variation against the effect of getting used to

Maulschreck comparison 2018: molehill

Moles do not like it when it is loud or the earth is shaken.

The regular frequency range of a mole distributor is between 400 and 1,000 hertz, A human could hear that frequency without any problem if it were not delivered underground. Between 1,000 and 3,500 Hz, the human ear is the most sensitive and best perceives this frequency. Incidentally, a human conversation has between 200 and 8,500 Hz.

So that the mole does not get used to a frequency, it is optimal if the area of ​​the distributor fluctuates steadily, We therefore recommend devices with a variable frequency.

Incidentally, some models specialize not only in mole and vole control. They can by supernatural frequencies in the range between 20,000 and 30,000 Hz also drive dogs and cats.

4.4. Interval circuit: Do not let everyday life come in

With an interval switch, you can set at what intervals the frequencies are sent out, The usual interval is 30 - 60 seconds. For two to three seconds then the vibrations are sent, which should disturb the mole.

Maulschreck comparison 2018: mole

The mole is nocturnal and digs about 30 cm soil in one minute.

The manual interval switching is to prevent the mole from getting used to being disturbed every 30 - 60 seconds. We recommend that you Interval at the same time as the position of the mole distributor.

In addition to the interval switching, there are mole distributors that have an on / off switch. Especially at night can do sothe noise pollution by the molehill are reduced, In addition, the habituation effect of the mole is prevented again.

4.5. Vibration motor: vibrations in the tunnel system

In addition to the emitted frequencies, some models can also be used for Provide vibrations that are intended to drive off the insectivore, As a result, two sensory organs of the mole are directly addressed and disturbed. This increases the likelihood that the little troublemaker is looking for a new placewhere he can settle down.

5. Questions and answers around the subject of moles

5.1. Fighting voles - which remedy is suitable?

Maulschreck comparison 2018: 2018

They do not beautify the landscape, but make the earth arable.

If there is a vole and no mole in your garden, you can also expel them with a molehill, You should not use vole traps, poisons or acids as the animal will be harmed. Other natural and harmless remedies against voles are the same home remedies as in the mole defense. So the mole distributor is at the same time the vole fright.

5.2. At what depth does the molehill work?

The depth of the mole distributor always depends on the model. If the devices can also keep dogs and cats away, there should be some space left between the floor and the head so that the frequencies can also be heard above ground. Otherwise should the metal spit sink completely into the ground, In case of uncertainties always pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions.

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