More room height for the basement: the cost of excavating

Especially older houses often have a very low basement, where an adult can hardly or not stand at all. For better utilization, your cellar may be able to dispose of. Does this make sense in all cases - and what does this measure cost?

The most important thing first: the statics!

The basement is an important building block of your house, excavation work can lead to serious static problems. Claim the help of an accomplished statistician and do not dare to go it alone!

Your project requires expert planning in order to avoid settlement damage in the best possible way. Talk to your structural engineer everything exactly and consider yourself with your possibly brought in own work exactly to the instructions.

More room height for the basement: the cost of excavating: cost

Not only is the soil to be excavated, but the masonry needs to be extended downwards. At the same time, professional sealing work has to be carried out, otherwise water will penetrate your house.

Cut out the basement: Prices vary greatly

The excavation of a cellar is always a very individual project that can not be measured with a flat rate. Get an offer from a specialist company for civil engineering.

Imagine that the total price is about the same as that of a new cellar. Expect about 20,000 to 70,000 EUR.

Excavation of a cellar as a cost example

The basement of an old building is to be excavated by 50 cm. For the lowering work of the floor, the specialist company calculates 250 EUR per square meter, the civil engineers work the walls for 350 EUR per running meter.

Cost overviewprice
1. Secure and lower 40 m walls14,000 euros
2. Cut out 100 square meters of ground25,000 euros
3. Sealing work6,500 EUR
total45,500 EUR

Do not forget line system!

You probably need to change your pipeline system in addition to the excavation work. From the outset, calculate the costs for relocating the cables.

Tips & Tricks

Check carefully if there are tangible reasons why your basement is built so low. Is solid rock under the ground? Or a water vein? This can complicate or even prevent the excavation work.

Video Board: Basement Dig Out, Lowering Your Basement