For more concentration: Which wall color fits best in the office?

In the office you need a quiet environment that stimulates concentration and gives you a pleasant feeling of well-being. Aggressive colors and wild patterns do not belong in the study, here rather quiet sounds are played. Look together with us for the right wall paint for your office - and a design concept that meets your needs.

What should the wall color in the office look like?

Of course, there is not one right wall color for the office, but you have many different sounds available. The following shades have proved to be particularly suitable:

  • Cool greens and blues encourage concentration and creativity.
  • A combination of white and sand colors with blue accents promotes thought processes.
  • Yellow-orange, red and earth tones are particularly suitable for conference and team rooms, they promote communication.
  • Neutral shades of gray, black and white can be used as basic tones for colored accents.
  • The company's own colors, possibly also in a brightened form, look good in publicly accessible offices.

The color design in the office: a question of interaction

In the office, it's about creating a pleasant mood, which may not be drowsy. Therefore, an interplay of several shades should take place, which were selected specifically and harmonize perfectly with each other.

Monotonous white surfaces should be avoided in any case, better put some fresh color accents, not too bright, in generally accepted wall shades. Colored "stumbling blocks", for example in neon or pink, should be taboo.

In addition, matt surfaces are part of a balanced interior design in the office, so there are no distracting glare. However, nothing speaks against a latex paint on the office wall, it shines only slightly, can be dyed in different colors and has an easy-care surface.

Not only the wall paint makes it!

Remember: your office not only receives its attractive, work-promoting charisma through the matching wall paint, but also the furnishings and decoration count. Nowadays, the trend is to set up homey workrooms that seem inviting at first glance.

In any case, this includes pictures on the walls, the family photo on the desk, houseplants and maybe even a chair to have a coffee in between. This is how work makes you happy!

Tips & Tricks

When designing your office, remember that cold colors make a room larger and warm colors make a room smaller.

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