Mortar bucket: Kranbar is often important for large construction sites

There are different sizes of mortar tubs - and quite different designs. Crane mortar tubs can be handy, especially on large construction sites. Why this is so, and what other differences there are to other versions, read in this post.

Crane instead of wheelbarrow and stairs running

Although most mortar buckets are well portable, but are only a few crane, which are then also expensive. These versions have some advantages.

  • they can be easily lifted with cranes or pulleys
  • they are frost-proof
  • they are much more stable and durable than the non-cranial versions
  • they usually have a larger filling volume

Crane mortar buckets rarely consist of the typical black plastic for other designs, but are usually colored. There are also differences in terms of stability and robustness.

In most cases, craneable mortar tubs are also designed larger, 90 liters is a standard measure of these designs. Of course, to be able to lift them up with the crane, they must also be made stably.

In terms of price, craneable mortar tubs are in a completely different class - instead of the usual 5 to 15 euros for a standard mortar tub or a large mortar bucket, you must already expect prices of around 30 euros for the 40-liter variant, while 90-liter buckets are already over 100 euros can cost.

The upper limit here is a proud 250 euros for a 90 liter bucket.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • Amazon Baumarkt: DIY - but really big. And a huge range, sometimes also very interesting price.
  • Collomix: Mixers, mixing troughs and, indeed, a whole range of mixing and mortar troughs can be found at this dealer.
  • Tool-Outlet: In the Outlet one or the other piece can be significantly cheaper - and considering the prices for craneable mortar buckets this can be quite worthwhile.

That way you can save costs

Price comparisons are worthwhile in any case - the prices differ very clearly depending on the manufacturer. Bargains, special offers and eBay offers can also be worthwhile here.

Tips & Tricks

Think carefully about whether you really need cranes on your site - or if there are no other solutions. Mostly there is that.

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