Mix mortar - so you do it right

Of course, you can also mix mortar yourself - with a little skill and care, this is easily possible, if not too many or complicated aggregates have to. Here's how it's done professionally.

Background information

When it comes to mortar, it always depends on whether you want to mix cement mortar or lime mortar. Lime mortar is usually easier to process, cement mortar for more stable.

The basic ingredients are always lime or hydrated lime or cement, sand and water. For cement mortar the ratio is 1 part cement and 4 parts sand, for mixed mortar 2 parts lime, 1 part cement and 8 parts sand.

For lime mortar, which is rarely used 1 part of lime and 3 parts of sand or 1 part of hydrated lime and 4 parts of sand. The amount of water is always a bit dependent on the temperature and some other factors, and must be estimated.

Here's how to mix mid-size quantities by hand.

Mix mortar step by step

  • Lime, hydrated lime, cement
  • sand
  • water
  • shovel
  • trowel
  • level, clean surface - a sheet or a sufficiently large tub

1. Mix cement and sand

Spread the sand evenly and put the cement or lime or the mixture of cement and lime in small piles on the sand. Mix both and make new piles until a uniform mixture is formed.

2. Add water

Make a small depression in the middle of each pile and pour water into it. Bring the mixture again and again from the edge to the middle. This will make them even.

3. Mix thoroughly

Add water until you get a uniformly colored, slightly glossy mixture. Repeat step 2 over and over again.

Tips & Tricks

When using a mixer, it is best to pour about two-thirds of the water into the mixer, then add sand and cement, then the rest of the water. For cement, the amount of water is roughly half a liter per kilo of cement.
Then pour in the rest of the water and mix for about three to four minutes.

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