Square mortar: practical for many occasions

In addition to the simple, small mortar buckets, there are also larger versions in square shape - here can be quite a lot of plaster or mortar mix, process or store. What else there is to know about the "big" mortar bucket, you can read here in this post.

More content and better mixing

Mortar buckets are available in small variants, which are usually round, but also in a slightly larger pan shape - and actually they are not just for mortar geeignet./p>

  • But also for plasters
  • for screed
  • to get larger amounts of water
  • as a universal storage option on the construction site

Small mortar tubs usually hold 20 liters, but in the large square mortar tubs fit depending on the format 65 liters or 90 liters, in large industrial versions up to 200 liters. This variant is usually almost always made of black plastic and is available in a "light" and a very stable "heavy" design.

The large format helps especially when mixing and mixing - usually, the larger the vessel, the better is also the Glattrühren or mixing. In addition, plaster, mortar or screed can be removed from a large tub better than from a small bucket.

The prices are different depending on the size, for the commercial versions with 65 or 90 liters but usually 5 € or just over.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • Plasticwelt plasticwelt.de The shop has almost everything made of plastic - and this includes mortar tubs. The prices are particularly low here.
  • Collomix collomix.de Collomix is ​​all about mixing - and that's why there's a whole collection of mixing buckets, buckets and mortar buckets.
  • Werkzeug-Outlet werkzeug-outlet24.de A mortar bucket from the outlet? After all, but quite a lot of price reduction compared to the retail prices is unfortunately not in it.

That way you can save costs

Mortar buckets are useful in many areas - so the purchase is well worth it, not only for the construction site. After the construction work, you can even use it as a flower bucket.

Tips & Tricks

If in doubt, take the smaller tub - 65 liters of mortar can be quite heavy, and almost always 90 liters of mortar.

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