Mortar bucket: not just for mortar

Mortar bucket in sufficient numbers may not be missing on any construction site - they are something like the universal mixing and transport device for all sorts of things. How many different versions of this simple, but indispensable part, you can read here in this article.

Stir and transport

The mortar bucket can not only be used to transport mortar on the construction site.

  • But also for mixing or transporting cleaning or
  • Color or
  • to get to the water

A common standard size for the mortar tub is usually 20 liters. The shapes can vary here, from round to angular, with wide or narrow openings. The material is usually plastic and the typical color is black here.

Practically are also internally mounted Litermaße, which are somewhat more precise with high, narrow buckets. So you can estimate relatively accurate quantities, dilute or simply measure. Buckets with the widest possible opening, however, are more practical when it comes to the best possible mixing of content.

In terms of price, mortar tubs are among the cheapest building aids, in most cases the prices are in the range of 2.50 euros or even lower, in rare cases even up to 5 euros are required for particularly "stable" versions.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • Plasticwelt Here you can buy the mortar bucket in sufficient stock - 10 pieces offers the plastic world here for the price of just 20 euros.
  • Collomix The specialist for mixing - mainly in the field of mixing plants and agitators is also a specialist for mixing buckets and mortar tubs.
  • Werkzeug-Outlet Of course there is also a whole collection of different mortar tubs in various sizes, shapes and designs in the tool outlet.

That way you can save costs

Mortar buckets cost so little that you do not actually have to get them extra - just take the Baumarktbesuch once again. And always make sure that you have them available in sufficient quantities, if they are needed.

Tips & Tricks

If possible, you should prefer heavy buckets with wide openings - it is easier and more precise to mix, to estimate the contents more accurately and to stir much better. Besides, they do not tilt so easily.

Video Board: How to Mix small amount of Sand Cement Mortar by hand