Mortar tub: round and very practical

Mortar buckets are something like the universal aids on construction sites. They are smaller and more manageable than large tubs and have some other advantages as well. And there are a whole variety of designs. Read more about it here.

Practical and handy

  • For small amounts of plaster or mortar, which then remain portable
  • to fetch water
  • for smooth stirring and mixing smaller quantities
  • as a practical storage for dirty tools and for cleaning

Mortar buckets consist almost exclusively of impact-resistant, very robust black plastic. They are available in different widths and heights, whereby the larger diameters are usually more stable and make mixing and smooth stirring easier.

By default, they hold about 20 liters - there are also smaller versions with only about 12 liters, which are less suitable for construction sites.

In terms of price, mortar tubs in the round version are often even less than 2 euros - in the range of very cheap, but indispensable aids on the construction site.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • Amazon Baumarkt As in the hardware store around the corner - only much larger. And much more choice. And often interesting prices.
  • Collomix Mixers, agitators, construction site mixers - and a whole range of mixing pans and mortar buckets.
  • Werkzeug-Outlet The buckets from the outlet can not be much cheaper - but at least that's also a possibility. And there is also a large assortment.

That way you can save costs

Mortar buckets are probably among the things you just take along when you visit a hardware store. However, you should not forget it, so you always have enough of it in the house, if they are needed.

Tips & Tricks

If you get the smooth stirring in the mortar trough and then pour handy portions into a mortar bucket, you have the best of both worlds.

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