A mosaic pattern without much effort with mosaic tile films

Small-scale tile patterns in which the individual color patches create an attractive overall appearance are already available prefabricated as a tile film. The offer ranges from the popular black-and-white checkerboard pattern to diffuse color patches, to geometric and representational figures.

Mosaic in tile size or smaller scale

Basically, there are two ways to create a mosaic pattern with tile foil. Either the existing tiles can be pasted in original size with different color foils or the film forms on a tile surface several smaller square mosaic patterns.

For one-to-one pasting, retailers and manufacturers offer ready-made grades made from cut-to-size tile film. In addition to these finished sortings, the individual composition is possible by means of individual orders, which is particularly necessary for unusual color combinations.

For tile foil with a small mosaic, joints between the individual mosaic elements, normally squares, are depicted. When selecting such a tile foil, it is important to note that the joint width and color match the actual joints of the wall tiles. Depending on the taste, however, the visual difference of the joints can also represent a special and intended "double" mosaic.

Single or square meter prices

The prices for tile films are advertised both as square meter prices and as unit price. The online retailer stickerprofis.de offers standard sizes from around one euro per piece. At the lowest price prefabricated square foil formats are offered with the side dimension of 15 centimeters.

Under aufkleberdealer.de begin very favorable offers at well fifty eurocents and fixed bundles such as forty tile pieces cost from about 15 euros. Tile films with printed antique decors or other geometric motifs cost from one Euro per piece.

Tips & Tricks

Wanted style breaks can make a mosaic visually very exciting and unconventional. The combination of antique-looking elements with unicoloured film pieces in one or more colors creates a lively and cheerful mosaic. The simple processing and the low price also allow experiments in advance.

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