Making a mosaic table yourself - that's how it works

Mosaic tables are very decorative accessories for the garden or the balcony. Mosaic garden furniture is usually relatively expensive. How you can do it yourself, what you need for it and how to do it is explained in detail in our step-by-step instructions.

Mosaic pattern

You can either freely choose a pattern, or design it according to a template. The random laying of pieces of tiles is possible, but the result is then not always predictable. Some planning is better in any case. Also, consider which joint color you want to use. The joint color always determines the overall picture clearly.

Finished mosaics

If you want to save the work, you can also buy finished mosaic tiles. They usually cost between 10 and 20 EUR per m². In these finished mosaic tile combinations pieces of about 30 cm are already finished with mosaics. The selection is in most cases, but little intoxicating, usually it is about tone-on-tone colors or rather very balanced color combinations.

If you want a bit more variety, and would like to have a more visually effective table, you better reach for a variety of natural stone mosaics with irregular shapes. But the prices can also be well over 40 EUR per m². Especially marble mosaics look very classy and visually impressive.

Make a mosaic table yourself - step by step

  • mosaic tiles
  • tile glue
  • Ev. Tiefgrund
  • grouts
  • notched trowel
  • spatula
  • Quast (for Tiefgrund)

1. Prepare the table

Gently sand the surface of the table, clean and degrease it. Depending on the surface of the table you may have to paint 1 - 2 times with Tiefgrund. Let dry.

2. Apply tile adhesive

Apply the tile adhesive and prepare it thoroughly with the toothed spatula. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and pay attention to the processing time. Many tile adhesives bind too quickly, so that you often do not get behind with the laying.

3. tiles

Lay the tiles in the tile adhesive and wait until the tile adhesive has hardened. After that you can grout. Wash the grout after removing it from the tiles for the first time.

Tips & Tricks

It is best to seal the surface afterwards, so that your mosaic table is also a little more resistant and easier to clean.

Video Board: Building a tile mosaic coffee table