Lock out mosquitoes: Build your own insect screen door

In the spring, the first warm rays of sunlight lure outside, the patio door is sometimes open, the windows are more often on tilt. Unfortunately, this also risks mosquitoes, flies or wasps from entering the house. Spiders are also not so popular with most people. An insect screen door can be built with simple means!

Self-built insect repellent is cheaper

Especially when several windows and doors have to be equipped with insect screens, the price advantage of the self-built variant is high. Insect screens usually consist only of a thin frame with applied grid network anyway.

In addition, there are usually appropriate hinges for folding doors, which are already included in a kit. A locking mechanism, which often consists of simple magnetic plates, ensures a firm locking.

Windows are even easier to protect against insect entry, because here the grid does not have to be hinged and can be easily mounted on the outer window frame.

Build insect screen door yourself: a guide

  • Fly screen fabric e.g. made of fiberglass
  • tenter
  • Glue or staples
  • 2 door hinges
  • Screws and dowels
  • Magnetic and iron plates
  • possibly saw for metal or wood
  • possibly stapler
  • scissors

1. Fit the clamping frame to fit

If the tenter frame is too large, cut the linkage appropriately. You may have to loosen and reassemble or screw the individual elements from one another. The frame should be large enough to overlap with the door frame a few inches.

2. Apply grid to the frame

Now attach the mesh to the frame using either a strong glue or a tacker. The stapler is not suitable for aluminum, but only for wood.

3. Cut the mesh fabric

Now cut off the protruding mesh with the scissors, so you get a neat fly screen.

4. Fasten the insect screen door

Fix your insect screen very close to the patio door in the masonry using the two door hinges. Tighten the hinges on the tenter and use dowels to attach to the wall.

5. Attach locking mechanism

Attach the magnetic plates to the door frame and attach appropriate iron plates to your insect screen - or vice versa. So your new door element automatically closes tightly.

Tips & Tricks

If you also want to equip your windows with insect protection, you can attach the prepared frames to the frame with self-adhesive masking tape. Thus, the clamping frame can be easily removed if necessary.

Video Board: How to make mosquito screen doors,Doors & Windows Manufacturing System- Welltech Systems