Remove moss from the roof - you have these options

Especially on the north side, moss and lichens often spread quickly on the roof tiles. As you can easily and quickly remove them, see this post explains. There are also tips on how to protect yourself from re-rooftoping the roof.

Moss and why it occurs

Moose - and some types of lichens - are amazing plants: they can cling to the most impossible places and flourish there. In addition, they are extremely resistant. Even if only a few small roots remain, the moss grows back incredibly fast.

On the roof of course that is rather undesirable. Not only because it does not look nice, but because moss also stores a lot of water and strong moss infestation may possibly also promote decay damage.

Because of their persistence, however, mosses and lichens are difficult to permanently remove, and sometimes difficult to get off the roof. Some best practices for doing so and the right course of action are explained below.

Moss can be removed in different ways

  • with the chemical club: Special cleaner against moss attack decompose the plants slowly but mostly permanently
  • by flaming with a flame thrower, which usually does not work permanently, as the roots remain
  • by mechanical removal, laborious but effective

That's the way you should go

  • Water connection for the high-pressure cleaner
  • ev. special detergents, vinegar
  • high pressure cleaner
  • Device for moss removal with rotating brushes, if necessary
    "Flamethrower" for moss removal
  • Scaffolding, if necessary - in any case properly secured
    self assurance

1. Save

Before any work on the roof is sufficient self-assurance. Even scaffolding that you use must be properly secured. Do not risk anything and leave the work to others if you are not completely sure-footed and free from giddiness.

2. Rough cleaning with the high-pressure cleaner

With the high-pressure cleaner - preferably with a warm water device remove thoroughly dirt and as much moss as can be removed with it. If you also use a device with rotating brushes, you should actually be able to remove the entire moss coating.

3. Moss special cure

Instead of mechanical removal, you can also use a flare or with special moss infestations to tackle the remaining cushions. Flushing is not a permanent solution, special cleaner at least partially.

You can also use vinegar instead of the chemical leg - the old home remedy works surprisingly well, and in many cases even faster than the chemistry.

4. Protection against Wiedervermoosen

If you want to get really effective protection against recurring moss attack, you should consider sealing their roof tiles to close any open pores where moss can build up.

Tips & Tricks

Asbestos-containing roofing must not be processed with the high-pressure cleaner. This is also prohibited by law. In addition, you should only work with very low pressure on particularly sensitive roof coverings.

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