The most common causes of water damage

Water damage is certainly one of the biggest nuisances and evils that can happen to one's own household. What causes water damage most often and how to protect against it can be found in this post.

Causes of damage in the overview

Fortunately, flooding is the cause of water damage only in flood areas. However, floods there cause significantly heavier and often irreparable damage to the building fabric than with all other types of water damage.

Outside the flood-prone areas, there are usually pipe breaks that cause water damage in the home or in a family home. Especially in prefabricated house water damage often cause difficult to repair consequential damage.

Another cause can also be considered:

  • high rainfall
  • defective technical devices, such as washing machines
  • human errors, such as a forgotten, overflowing bathtub.

burst pipes

Pipe breaks can occur for different reasons.

Corrosion of water pipes

Frequently, the material fatigue or corrosion of the water pipes is the reason for a pipe break. Especially with calcareous, very hard water, the risk of damaging water pipes is high.


For prevention we recommend a regular check and consultation by the installation company. A decalcifying of the pipes can also be done by an installation company using special procedures. In the case of very bad condition of older water pipes, however, the complete replacement for corrosion-protected water pipes usually remains the recommended procedure.


If water pipes are not sufficiently protected against freezing, freezing may occur. The water contained in it expands during the freezing process, causing the tube to burst. Incidentally, such damages are in most cases not covered by insurance because the owner or tenant has not complied with due diligence due to insufficient heating, and this can be interpreted as negligence.


To protect water pipes from frost, you can easily isolate them. With external water pipes, this may not be enough. You then have to resort to a corresponding heater ("frost guard level" is often not enough!) And should endangered water pipes on the outside in the frost-prone season best idle and vent.

Damage caused by construction work

When working on the masonry may be damaged by improper action may water pipes. Craft shops usually do not, and do-it-yourself jobs should be easy to take into account. Where water and electricity pipes go, you should always know or find out when working on your own four walls.

Avoidance of other causes of damage

Water damage caused by unexpected heavy rain can be avoided if you already include appropriate protective measures when building or buying the house. Most of the time there are certain "critical spots" in each house where damage can occur quickly. If you eliminate them, the risk is low. This also applies to floods: here too, if one knows that this risk exists, one can usually protect oneself quite effectively.

A washing machine and a dishwasher with Aquastop avoids the risk of technical equipment, and human error should be best prevented with appropriate mindfulness.

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