The most common dimensions of formwork blocks

In order to build a load-bearing wall, a retaining wall or a simple screening wall made of formwork blocks, you absolutely need the correct dimensions of the stones and the planned construction project. Due to the different materials from which formwork blocks are made, some dimensions are different.

The formwork stones do not differ in their height due to their material. The lowest common height is 10 cm. A formwork block with these dimensions can be used particularly well for low ornamental walls, but also for closing work at the upper, closing end of a wall. Other common heights are to be found in the range of 20 to 25 centimeters. Due to the differences of only a few millimeters between the different manufacturers, an absolutely exact measurement of the construction project is unavoidable.

The widths of the formwork stones are in the range of only 10 centimeters to a width of almost half a meter at the widest stones. Shuttering stones with particularly narrow dimensions are used for optical protective walls or simple screens. Wider shuttering stones measuring 15 or 20 cm, 24, 25, 30 or more up to 49 cm are also available. The widest stones are mostly found in the basement or exterior wall construction due to their increased stability, but also because of their very good insulating properties. Retaining walls can also be raised with extra-wide shuttering stones. Formwork blocks are usually made of 17.5 and 36.5 cm widths. These widths correspond to the classic wall widths, which also oblique structures or transitions can be easily installed.

The most common dimensions of formwork blocks: common

Depending on the material of the formwork blocks and their length is designed. If the heavier concrete slabs are produced in maximum lengths of 49.8 - 50 cm, the very light polystyrene or styrofoam stones can also be found in lengths of up to 1.5 meters. The light styrofoam or polystyrene stones can be cut to a desired length by means of cut marks. Depending on the length, about 8 stones per m² are needed for the shorter concrete blocks, 8 for the longer polystyrene blocks.

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