The most popular flowers for flower arrangements

So bouquets stay beautiful for a long time

The most popular flowers for flower arrangements: popular

Whether for good friends, birthday children or yourself - a bouquet of flowers is a popular souvenir and pleases young and old. It does not always depend on the size of the bouquet: Even a single flower with a large flower or freshly picked wildflowers from your own garden can already conjure a smile to the other's face.

With her fragrant flowers and intense colors Liven up cut flowers every living area. You do not always have to resort to ready-made bouquets from the florist, even simple cut flowers can be arranged decoratively in a vase. Thanks to the greenhouse cultivation, many of the most popular cut flowers are available year round, so your creative design is virtually unlimited.

We have for you Worth knowing about the proper care of cut flowers put together and give tips on plant selection and decoration.

Bouquets for every occasion

Anyone who is unsure what to bring to an invitation, can at any time quiet conscience to use colorful flowers. Here you have the choice between different potted plants or cut flowers, whereby you donate the gift recipient for many years to a sentient creature while cutting flowers enter after a few days. In addition, bouquets have the advantage that they can be individually arranged and color coordinated with the host. So have yourself different flowers for different situations emerged:

Bring red roses with you as a fresh sunflower the ideal gift represents a summer party. In the spring, on the other hand, a colorful bouquet of early flowering plants has proved to be a success, while the best friend will enjoy a colorful bouquet of gerbera.

Choose the flowers that best meet the taste of the recipient. Tips for choosing the right plant For birthday children you will find flowers on our consultation page for your birthday, because now men are also happy about flower gifts.

Maintain bouquets properly

The most popular flowers for flower arrangements: popular

A colorful bouquet animates the living area.

For a long flowering you should make sure that you have the flowers in a clean and germ-free vase put. Here it can be beneficial to rinse the vase in advance with a chlorine-containing cleaner. If possible, you should not only plant bedding plants, but also indoor plants and cut flowers with soft, so lime-poor water. For this purpose, rain from a collecting container in the garden or a special water filter, which is integrated at the faucet. If you like, you can also decalcify tap water with a dash of lemon juice - this mixture does not harm cut flowers.

When you purchase cut flowers from a florist, you will often find them a small sachet with freshness preservatives given. Sometimes this pack also sticks to the flower foil, so do not throw it away prematurely. This powder contains important nutrients that keep the water germ-free and thus promote the life expectancy of the plants. Therefore, always pour these funds into the flower water. If you change the water after two days, you will get a healthy water for your bouquet of flowers without a new powder with a pinch of sugar and a tablespoon of lemon juice and vinegar.

The general rule: Fill not too much water in the vase, 5-7 cm are sufficient to provide cut flowers with water for 2 days. If the flowers are too high in the water, the stems soften unnecessarily and threaten to rotting prematurely. In addition, remove excess foliage, which does not perform a decorative function or provides additional stability - so the flower can focus fully on the long-term preservation of the flower.

Individual floral arrangements

The most popular flowers for flower arrangements: most

Delicate roses in a rustic glass make for an exciting arrangement.

Flowers are not only suitable excellent as a gift, but also beautify your own four walls thanks to their shapely and colorful flowers. The days have gone by when stately bouquets in painted clay vases had to stand on a plastic cover: for a modern staging of your acquired flowers, you can let your creativity run wild. Ornamental flowers look particularly elegant and delicate when they are arranged in high contrast.

Combine, for example cultivated bedding plants with wildflowers From the forest path or give long ornamental grasses and ferns as an accessory to exotic flowers - in this way, the flower arrangements a thrilling entity that exudes a charm of its own. Alternatively, you can of course also put on a sturdy container in combination with fine flowers, such as roses in a jar.

tip: Especially harmonious If you choose flowers with flower colors from the same color family and at the same time coordinate them with the design of the room, a floral arrangement will be a good idea. On the other hand, a wild bouquet of flowers lives from the variety of colors and the different plant structures.

Tulips in the spring

The most popular flowers for flower arrangements: flowers

Tulips are after roses the most popular cut flowers of the Germans.

Although with the modern greenhouse culture numerous flowers all year round In addition to hyacinths and crocuses, tulips remain typical winter flowers that, with their intense colors in early spring, herald the garden season and thus the new flower year.

Thanks to the abundance of varieties Tulips always new and exciting combined and be tuned to the interior: In addition to monochrome specimens are due to a variety of new breeds also to buy flamed tulips, the experts call parrot tulips or Rembrandttulpen. Not only can tulips be easily integrated into bouquets, they are also gladly placed in a large vase without accessories - here you could create variety with different tulip colors.

Unlike other cut flowers Tulips continue to grow in the vaseso that the appearance of the bouquet begins to change after a few days. You will find out how to keep the beautiful cut flowers fresh for a long time in our care tips for tulips.

Attention to daffodils

Even daffodils, which are often referred to as daffodils, are among the typical spring flowers and should not be missing on any decorated Easter table. Still have daffodils as cut flowers one negative effect on other flowers in the vase: From their stems a mucus comes out, which reduces the life expectancy of other plants, since it closes their water courses. If you want to incorporate daffodils into an Easter bouquet, you can place the plant overnight in a separate container and degrade it in the water - then do not re-cut the stalk! Now the beautiful spring flower can no longer harm other ornamental plants.

Exotic lilies for impressive arrangements

The most popular flowers for flower arrangements: flowers

The exotic lilies form shapely flowers in a variety of colors.

Lily are among the most beautiful flowers, which thrive both indoors and outdoors. With their exotic flower colors and shapes, they lend every room a sophisticated ambience and become an absolute eye-catcher. The lily as a single flower looks just as beautiful as a visual highlight in a floral arrangement - here, for example, use the combination with rural or wild flowers to create a strong contrast and thus to emphasize the beauty of the lily.

For a long flowering period, the lily should have a location where it is not exposed to direct sunlight is. Optimize the water absorption by cutting the stems obliquely, which are then removed from all the leaves in the same step. Even with lilies, you should choose a low water level in the vase to prevent premature fouling.

tip: If you have flowers cut under running water, no air gets into the vascular bundles and the plant can absorb water more easily.

Large gerberas as a single flower or in an ostrich

The most popular flowers for flower arrangements: popular

Gerberas have a particularly long stem and a colorful single flower.

Gerberas are particularly popular cut flowers, as they look precious and noble as a single flower and also as an eye-catcher in the arrangement. With its large flower head, the Gerbera brings color to any living area and can be easily combined with other ornamental flowers or green parts. Try to be faithful to a color line with a bouquet of gerberas or use the gerbera as a different color accent - this is where the personal taste decides. For increased stability, you can wrap the hairy stem with flower wire and support it.

A gerbera nut should not be in the midday sun, because the big flowers burn quickly. Gerbera needs a lot of water to maintain its great flowering. Nevertheless, the stalk should not be too deep in the water, 2 cm are sufficient here. However, this means that you have to check the water level daily and top up if necessary. In addition, shorten the stalk every other day by 1 cm to allow a healthy nutrient absorption.

If you are interested in a long-lived gerbera as a potted plant, you will find Additional information in the report on Gerbera as a houseplant.

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