Mount motion detector cat-proof

As a rule, motion detectors should trigger when people or objects such as vehicles move into the surveillance area. Unfortunately, it often happens that even small creatures trigger like cats. What you can do against the triggering of cats by motion detectors, learn here.

It happens that the cat does not trigger the motion detector

If small creatures such as dogs or cats do not trigger a motion detector, there are several approaches. These include:

  • Quality of the motion detector
  • basic setting of the motion detector
  • monitored area and range

Quality of the motion detector

The cheaper a motion sensor is, the more secure it is that it can not be set very sensitively, but rather reacts slowly. One possibility is that you literally increase the range. You must set the detector so far upwards that it no longer covers the area from about one meter in front of the ground.

However, this setting also has a catch: it is only possible if it is a longer driveway or a screened surveillance area. Otherwise, people who move in front of the property, for example, are also detected and trigger the detector.

Adjusting the photosensitivity

Higher-value devices have additional adjustment options. In addition to the basic sensitivity to light (for example for the twilight), this also includes the sensitivity with regard to the size of objects. But this must be a correspondingly high-quality motion detector, which offers just those setting options.

Provider of motion detectors that are cat-safe

There are also manufacturers of motion detectors who explicitly offer certain models as safe against triggering by dogs or cats. Mostly it is just about such high-quality detector, which can just be adjusted accordingly fine in their switching sensitivity.

Tips & Tricks

If you also want to reconnect your motion detector, we offer here in the house journal the appropriate guide.

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