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  • Motion detectors can be used in many ways: with their help, not only the lighting in the front yard or hallway can be controlled. Also in combination with an alarm system or cameras, the detectors are often used to deter uninvited guests or to record incidents.
  • Note: Since a motion detector is switched on around the clock, you should first of all take a look at the power consumption of your desired device.
  • Many affordable motion detectors are so-called PIRs - passive infrared detectors. This means that the detectors react to the changing heat radiation in their environment. If a living being passes through the covered space, the detector recognizes through its body heat that someone is on site and strikes.

Motion detector comparison 2018: comparison

Whether for the feeling of security or to save power: Motion detectors of all kinds can be found in many households. The technology makes everyday life easier, for example by controlling the light or as part of an alarm system or surveillance camera.

What features distinguish the best motion detector and what you should pay attention to in your personal motion detector test winner 2018, you will find in our small buying guide.

But which Advantages and disadvantages bring the best motion detectors with you? You can see that here:

  • Saving electricity by regulating the switching on and off of camera, light, ect.
  • offers in combination with an alarm system protection against burglars
  • Search and press the light switch is eliminated
  • Security feeling is increased
  • permanent power supply of the motion detector necessary

1. Motion detector types:

Radar motion detectors work more reliably than PIR motion detectors

As motion detector tests show, most of the devices work with ultrasound, electromagnetic waves or infrared radiation. Which grade is the right one for your needs can be seen in the following comparison of the motion detector types:

Radar movementPIR motion detectorMotion detector with camera

Motion detector comparison 2018: comparison

Motion detector comparison 2018: motion

Motion detector comparison 2018: 2018

Radar motion detectors are themselves active: they send electromagnetic waves or ultrasound, which are reflected by the environment. If the sensor registers a change in the returning beams, the detector is activated.

The great The advantage of this type of motion detector is that they also perceive changes through wood and glass as well as temperature-independent work. As a result, no false alarm is triggered at rising temperatures. Radar detectors can also be easily retrofitted to an LED lighting.

Sensors of the PIR detector (English passive infrared) send, in contrast to the radar detector no rays, but receive only the heat radiation of objects.

Therefore, the detectors can Do not register intruders behind walls or glassbecause there the heat radiation can not work. Therefore, they are more suitable for controlling the hallway or basement lights.

Motion detectors that are connected to a camera are mainly used for visual monitoring and are therefore often used in security technology.

There they are integrated into surveillance cameras, so At critical times video recordings are started.

Which motion detector you should choose as your personal test winner thus depends very much on the field of application. Each category has its advantages and disadvantages. PIR motion detectors are particularly suitable for replacing the light switch in the house, Radar detectors are particularly beneficial for the outdoor area. A motion detector with camera is useful for recording uninvited guests.

2. What is important with a motion detector

2.1. power consumption

Motion detector comparison 2018: motion

When buying a motion detector, pay attention to the manufacturer's information about power consumption, since motion detectors usually need to be supplied with energy around the clock. You can contain the costs by B. provide your motion detector with a timer, so that it is activated only at night. If you fix the detector in a place where the sun and daylight go well, a motion detector with solar panels can be the right choice.

2.2. reach

Frequently, motion detectors with ranges between 10 and 20 meters can be found, Therefore, you can choose the right size according to your wishes.

Note: The greater the range, the higher the risk that the sensor triggers a false alarm.

2.3. Assembly

Motion detector comparison 2018: detector

First, you have to decide if you want to place the detector on the ceiling or the wall. For ceiling detectors, make sure that they have a 360° opening angle to cover the entire room.

In narrow, elongated rooms, however, a wall detector is more likely to be recommendedwhich can be built into the wall under certain circumstances, so that he hardly noticed.

2.4. Handling: Is a motion detector with wireless switch worthwhile?

Wireless motion detectors are switched on and off by radio. So they are - in contrast to detectors with automatic switch on the device - protected against foreign influence from the outside. Nobody can manually manipulate the detector, so the wireless motion detectors are burglar resistant. Furthermore, installing these products is easier.

Basically exist for motion detectors no special guidelines, But attention:

For a motion detector with a camera, make sure that it only records your own plot. As soon as foreign terrain is visible, your neighbors can take legal action against you.

Even in the car strict rules apply, as the Stiftung Warentest reported: "Note:
If you want to annoy your neighbor, you must not park your car in front of the house with a camera on the front screen, whose motion detector always turns on. "

A motion detector test is only available from Stiftung within the framework of the alarm system test, issue 2016/03.

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