Switch off a motion detector

Motion detectors are used to switch a consumer without mechanical actuation. However, it is not always desired that the motion detector switch this consumer due to movements within its reach. Then it is advantageous to switch off the motion detector manually. Below you will find out how you can additionally manually switch a motion detector.

Motion detectors should not always react

It often happens that a motion detector is not always needed. Depending on which type of motion detector you use, it can also switch independently of specific, desired situations. For example, a motion detector, which should switch the light only when it is really dark.

But covering is not always a solution

Again, depending on the type of detector, you can not tap or cover every motion detector so it will not work. Infrared detectors (PIR motion detectors), for example, also work hidden behind walls, stems or other obstacles. Covering does not help here.

Instead, make the motion switch switchable

Instead, you must be able to switch the motion detector yourself. High-quality motion detectors can be activated or deactivated in this way. But many simple detectors need an external switch. In this case, a light switch is simply installed between the power input and the detector.

Activate or deactivate a motion detector

The subsequent installation, however, only allows the motion detector to be switched on and off. This installation can not be used to switch on the light or any other consumer independent of the motion detector.

In addition, we would like to point out that this is not an assembly instruction. Work on electrical components must be carried out by trained personnel due to the many hazards and risks involved. The listed circuit diagram is therefore only for better illustration.

Occupancy scheme for a switchable motion detector

The power supply can be done differently, for example, from a power outlet that is positioned near the motion detector. Without an external switch between the motion detector and the component where power is dissipated, the motion detector can not be manually switched. So a light switch must be installed. There are three lines for the power supply:

  • L: Phase or current carrying line, black, possibly brown
  • N: neutral or neutral, blue
  • PE: protective conductor, yellow-green

At the light switch, the wires are wired as follows:

  • L to the connection, which is switched by the switch (according to VDE a switch does not have to switch the current leading line)
  • N is led directly to the motion detector
  • PE is also routed directly to the motion detector

Now you can switch the motion detector so that it can be deactivated or activated. If you want to switch the motion detector so that you can also switch on the load independently of the detector, please follow the linked guide.

Tips & Tricks

If you would like to reconnect a motion detector, you will find detailed explanations here and the corresponding wiring diagram for correct assignment.

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