Outsmart a motion detector

Motion detectors are often installed for safety reasons. In addition to ease of use, it is above all a building block of burglary prevention. While criminals ask themselves how they can outsmart such a motion detector, the question arises for the resident how the motion detector can not be outsmarted. To recognize this, it is necessary to know how a motion detector can be outsmarted.

Important to know how to outsmart a detector

The number of burglaries and attempted burglaries have been rising for years. Reason enough for homeowners to protect themselves better. A motion detector fits well into the safety concept. The motion detector can significantly increase safety. However, the do-it-yourselfer has to know where the weak points of a motion detector can be found, or how these detectors can be tricked.

Types of motion detectors

For this purpose, a distinction must first be made according to the different types of motion detectors. The most commonly used motion detectors are the following types:

  • IR or PIR motion detector (infrared)
  • HF detector (high frequency)
  • photocells

The PIR detector and its risks

Here it is again the PIR motion detector, which is used the most. It reacts to heat and must therefore be installed so that there are no obstacles between the detector and the monitoring area. In other words, an IR motion detector can not be hidden. He also reacts to heat changes. That in turn offers a lot of potential for outsmarting.

Very difficult to outsmart - the HF motion detector

Very different with HF motion detectors. These work with radar or microwaves. This allows them to be installed behind obstacles. These would be, for example, stems, roof overhangs or even walls. This in turn means that a PIR detector can hide very well. Since he can react independently of light or heat and detects the pure movement change in the monitored area, he is extremely difficult to outrage.

To be considered when buying the suitable detector

If a motion detector is also primarily intended for safety, it is advantageous to use an IR detector. With these motion detectors, thieves can not even tell where a motion detector could be if it's installed in a hidden location. However, it is important that it is a high-quality and powerful detector, if it is to be hidden behind walls, for example. It is essential to observe the range of the motion detector you have selected.

Tips & Tricks

If you also want to connect a motion detector, you will find numerous instructions and guidebooks in the house journal. Also, how to connect multiple motion detectors in series.

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