Chainsaw and chainsaw: Heavy equipment against trees in the garden

Chainsaws and chainsaws are tools for the rough: trees, branches and thick shrubs are felled fastest and easiest with a chainsaw. For private use chainsaws are however controversial: The risk of injury is considered high, the exhaust gases and especially the noise make the use in the garden difficult.

We will show you how to use a chainsaw in the garden, which safety precautions to take and inform you about models and technologies.

Chainsaw / chainsaw

Contents: Chainsaw and chainsaw

  • Chainsaw: technology and use
  • Working principle of a chainsaw
  • Use of chainsaws in the garden
  • Video tutorial: Basic knowledge of electric saws
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Chainsaw: technology and use

Chainsaws were invented in the 1930s and first used on a grand scale during World War II. However, the first chainsaws were still heavy two-man devices. In the 1950s, the one-man chain saw came on, which quickly made a career in forestry with a two-stroke engine.

Soon there were also smaller and less powerful devices for home and hobby users. These were especially cheap. In particular electric chain saws, nowadays also available with accumulator drive, make the power-assisted sawing affordable even in your own garden.

Working principle of a chainsaw

Electric chainsaw

Electric chainsaw

A chainsaw consists of a motor part and the so-called rail, also called "sword" or "leaf". Surrounding this rail is a groove in which the chain, driven by a pinion provided with a clutch, does its work.

The clutch is required to prevent the chain saw from starting immediately after starting: this could result in serious injury. Only with simultaneous pressing of two safety switches with both hands, the saw chain is engaged and begins to rotate around the rail.

As soon as the saw chain is then held to the wood, the saw teeth eat into the wood, the discharge teeth transport the chips out of the saw blade in a fountain. An electric chain saw operates on the same principle, except that here provides an electric motor for the drive.

Working with the chainsaw - safety is everything!

Chain saws are indeed among the most dangerous garden tools ever. Therefore, should necessarily following safety precautions be respected - who saws with engine, must know what he does!

In any case:

  • a cut protection pants

  • Protective helmet with visor (possibly with ear protection)

  • ear protection

  • Protective gloves

  • safety shoes

It always has to be here brand quality to be bought! Inferior products of dubious production can heaviest injuries (up to involuntary amputations).

Operating instructions for chainsaws

To adjust:

Before you have to start the Chain a chainsaw, whether electric or petrol driven, always tension and oil, For gasoline powered chainsaws, the idle speed must also be set so that the saw chain does not idle.


Park the chain saw, insert the chain brake. Put your left hand on the upper grip tube, put your right foot through the handle and hold the saw firmly. Then pull the starter rope with your right hand.


Power saws need always ambidextrous - any experiments on the safety circuits are life threatening. The left hand holds the saw forward, the right hand regulates the throttle grip. The chain brake must operate quickly and cleanly.

Use chain brake:

After each cut, the chain brake inserted, most simply by a short turn of the left hand on the handle. In this way, injuries due to the continued rotation of the chain are avoided.

Avoid kickback and keep work area clear:

Make sure that the saw can not "kick" anywhere and keep the work area free for unprotected people. The own body must not stand directly behind the saw chainIf these tear, the saw chain can hurt the machine operator.

Keep working height:

Chainsaws may NOT be used overhead: Here, the power to safely guide the saw usually no longer sufficient. This also applies to compact and electric models.

Use of chainsaws in the garden

Chainsaws are especially designed to quickly and cleanly cut wood. Therefore, the purchase of an electric or gasoline chainsaw can also be interesting for zealous fireplace heaters, if this her firewood mince it yourself.

For large plots of land with lots of trees, however, a purchase is always worth it: fast dead branches can be removed and even small trees felled.

However, those who arrogantly dare to approach a 20-meter tree should consider a few things: First, one needs a municipal Fällgenehmigung (even on private land) for such trees, secondly, the neighboring garage can not handle a rooftop birch at all! Not everyone can and above all should also run around in the tree with a chainsaw: in this case, a tree felling service or a nursery is the safe and above all insurance-protected way - Illicit work can be VERY expensive here.

Video tutorial: Basic knowledge of electric saws

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