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Author: Elke Wetzig (Elya) Source: Wikipedia

A construction manual for a motorcade sounds a bit strange at first glance. Of course it is. Unfortunately, many accidents happen every year in a motorcade. Therefore, we would like to show you here what to pay attention to and how to assemble the largest possible column. Because alone makes such a motorcade somehow not fun ?

Just for the World Cup and at weddings, the Hupkonzerte and car lines form almost by itself. Since it is still a planned act, one speaks here of the so-called "Flash Mob". However, there are some things to consider to create a safe column. And what about the police? Finally, a horn may only be used for hazards...

Horns in the motorcade allowed by law?

According to the Highway Code, the horn in Germany may only be used in dangerous situations and as a warning. Otherwise, the police may issue a warning in the amount of ten euros. However, since the police investigate this misdemeanor according to their own discretion, just to the Football World Cup is not to be expected that one has to fear a punishment by a horn concert.

Motorcade-Bußgeldkatalog (Information provided without guarantee)
In addition to the horn, there is another list that can be punished purely theoretically. We do not want to write here about driving under substance abuse, because the fun stops there and becomes dangerous:

5 - 20 euros fine:

  • Press Warnblicker without reason
  • Standing in the moving car (convertible)
  • Sitting on the car roof while driving
  • Sitting in the trunk while driving
  • Sitting on the hood while driving
  • Use flasher without reason
  • Use horn for no reason

20 - 100 euros fine:

  • Driving without safety belt
  • Overload of the car
  • Too low safety distance to the person in front
  • Hang out of the moving car
  • Go for a fun snake line (without alcohol in your blood)

100 - 400 euros fine:

  • ignore red traffic light
  • Organize car races

Flags on the car? Even wanted!

Finally something positive. The flags on the car are allowed - official got to in a motorcade the first and last vehicle even be flagged and have the driver light on. Only in this way can other road users be alerted to the state of emergency. However, the flags must not affect the driver's visibility. In addition, the flags must not protrude more than a meter out of the car.
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