Colored stone plaster for the interior

Buntsteinputz is known to many - but not under this name. Mosaic plaster is also a common name. Usually you will find it on pedestals - in the interior also often in staircases. This is related to its special properties.

Colored stone plaster and its material properties

Buntsteinputz is a surface plaster that creates a very viscoplastic, shock and scratch resistant surface. It is therefore particularly suitable for areas where the wall is constantly exposed to heavy loads - as in stairwells. This top coat, which consists of a special synthetic resin and is added to the natural stone granulate, can be used to protect stressed areas very well. In addition, Buntsteinputz is also open to diffusion, which, in conjunction with a suitable flush, which should be as mineral as possible, protects the building fabric and also allows moisture to escape from the walls.

Odorless - also indoors

Buntsteinputz is also odorless - that is, it does not absorb odors. Whether cigarette smoke, food odors or musty odor from surrounding walls, at Buntsteinputz nothing is left hanging. This property also makes it very suitable for staircases, in addition to its general insensitivity to high loads.

Interesting look in the interior

The Buntsteinoptik, which results from the slammed natural stone granules, is available in different shades. Thus, the coating on pedestals to the rest of the wall design can be accentuated. In addition, there are Buntersteinputz also in different grain sizes, most suitable for indoor use here are the grain sizes 1.2 millimeters and 2 millimeters, which are also most commonly available in the finished container. Depending on the manufacturer, the number of available shades varies from a few to pallets with thirty or forty different shades in different grain sizes. In this way, particularly stressed areas in the interior can be made interesting in color and above all decorative. However, a prerequisite is also indoors that the flush has been previously smoothed accordingly.

Video Board: Teaching how to add colors to interior plasters