Attach trim strips to a wall

When attaching decorative strips on a wall several optical effects can be realized. At the height of half the height, round and finishing ledges separating two colors or wall textures are common for the country house style. Higher lying circumferential strips form a border. Geometric arrangements create cassettes.

Creative approaches, designs and effects

The application of decorative strips on wall surfaces creates decorative and three-dimensional effects. From discreet and sober one-colored or one-color depreciations to the design of different "composed" wall surfaces, the design scope is sufficient.

Wooden or styrofoam trims are attached to the wall as materials. As in the case of plasterwork on the ceiling, it is above all the historical-looking wall decorations that are known from high-domed houses and castles.

About sober and some with additional practical benefits are half-height moldings that lead to country style. They can be used as a purely optical demarcation or, if made of wood, as a storage area. The wall above and below the strip is either painted in different colors or the "substructure" is constructed from boards, wooden panels or strips.

Cassette forms and staging

Rectangular cassettes are frames that are glued to the wall. Similar to picture frames, a multi-faceted staging is possible. Typical examples are:

  • Cassettes with colored offset of the framed areas
  • Monochrome trims and monochrome wall background
  • Placement areas for sconces and light sources
  • Object framing such as windows, doors and mirrors
  • Multi-colored combination inside and outside the trim frame
  • Beveled corners of the rectangles with straight diagonals
  • Rounded corners with concave or convex ridges and shapes

Think about care and cleaning

Moldings on walls are dust catchers. In a household with this type of wall decoration always include feather dusters and vacuum cleaners with soft brush heads to keep the strips clean.

This aspect is particularly important when illuminated decorative strips are chosen. Dust quickly reduces luminosity and adversely affects the room atmosphere.

Tips & Tricks

Moldings can be a good and unobtrusive solution if you need to "transport" electricity. Because power outlets are often predetermined and sometimes not practical in the room, behind decorative trim you can route cables to the desired locations.

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