Mounting foam for sealing door frames

Professionally seal door frames with mounting foam

Mounting foam for sealing door frames: foam

Install new doors yourself? With the right mounting foam The professional installation of door frames is guaranteed. And when using Express mounting foam you can even save some time while spreading.

At the professional installation of door frames made of wood, plastic or steel, the use of spreaders is indispensable. So far, however, they could only be removed about one hour after foaming, which considerably delayed the further renovation process. In the meantime, however, there is powerful construction foam with express recipe, such as the "2K Express mounting foam" from Sista, which helps save time. The two-component PU foam allows removal of the struts already after 30 minutes.

Building instructions: Foam the door frame with PU foam

Mounting foam for sealing door frames: frames

And that's how easy it is: At first you must make sure that the door frame aligned horizontally in the wall opening and fixed with wedges - this lot or spirit level are used. Then the adjustable braces are inserted between the frame parts. So also possible deformations can be avoided.

Shortly before foaming the assembly foam is activated by turning the bottom cap (six turns to the right). Then shake vigorously - at least 20 times - and screw on valve lever. Now it can be filled with energy: Only six points set - four at the level of the bands (below and above) and two at the level of the castle. It should be worked as quickly as possible.

Nice after 30 minutes The spreaders can be removed and the supernatant foam cut off with a craft knife.

Tip from Henkel Sista:

The "Sista 2K-Express mounting foam" has a high final strength, good material compatibility and is resistant to aging, rot-proof and temperature-resistant from -40° C to + 110° C. After curing, the product can even be painted over, pasted over and plastered over. Due to its patented form stability - no shrinking or re-pressing - the Sista foam is the optimal solution for the installation of door frames made of wood, plastic or steel.

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