Changing furniture - that's easier

You do not have to buy new furniture to bring a breath of fresh air into the rooms. Existing pieces of furniture can be converted very well and used for a completely new purpose. Now furniture is so important that they are often very heavy. Here we show you how to arrange furniture more easily and not straighten your back.

use change

Many pieces of furniture can bring you a completely new use. So a nice linen chest from the bedroom with a thick pillow can be quickly transformed into a cozy stool for the living room.


Place the side tables out of the living room as new bedside tables next to the bed. Then you can use the bedside tables, either as a side table or even turn it into a coffee table with a plate. To do this, simply assemble the bedside tables with the back and place a few pieces of felt on the surface. Then the plate can not cause any scratches if the bedside tables are used again for their original use.

Change positions

If you have a large living and dining room, change the corner sofa with the dining area. Just such a small change offers a fresh look and gives a completely new sense of space. Especially if you have large patio doors, the dining table can become a picnic table even in the rain.

Easy transport

In the trade, there are great sets that are a great relief when transposing. Many sets of wheels also include a small lever handle or load lifter that slides under the furniture to easily ventilate it at a corner. So you can actually lift the wheels without pushing the piece of furniture. These sets are on offer usually already from about ten euros. If you change furniture more often, you should always have such a set in the house.

  • Roller set with lever
  • Hand truck
  • old carpets
  • Flower Roller

Hand truck

Although a sack truck has only a small footprint, which is too small for most furniture, but with a large board or a wooden plate you can significantly increase this edition. You should also use this, so you do not push down a chest of drawers, for example, when you transport them with the sack truck.

transport aids

If you have a tile or wood floor, you will prevent scratches and make work easier by placing a soft rug or rug under the furniture. Especially the cheap fleece blankets slip very well and protect the ground.

Tips & Tricks

Similarly helpful can be a flower scooter for a small piece of furniture. Even simple chests of drawers or sideboards can easily be moved from one room to another with four flower scooters. If you do not have a lift set with load lifters, you can use a batten or a broomstick made of metal to achieve a similar effect.

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