Moving box free: This saves you expensive moving boxes

Every German moves on average four times in his life. There are always new costs for one. We show you in a video post how you can completely save the moving boxes in the future.

Moving box free: This saves you expensive moving boxes: free

Home survey from Schwäbisch Hall

According to a recent survey by the Schwäbisch Hall, every third German teenager (33%) would later like to live "in their own four walls". Another 21.6 percent of 13- to 19-year-olds consider their own property at least desirable, but do not want to restrict for this and do not give up the usual quality of life to achieve this goal. After all, 13.9 percent of respondents said they would rather live to rent and spend their money on other things.

Where we would be on the topic of money again. For a move you usually need moving boxes, which cost up to 2 euros per piece. In an impressive video from Immonet, we showed how to save on these costs:

Video tutorial: save moving box

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