Moving boxes comparison 2018

Kaufberatung zum Umzugskartons Vergleich or Test 2018

  • Moving boxes facilitate the transport of your belongings into the new apartment. Make sure the boxes are at least 2-wave and the handles and bottoms are reinforced.
  • Basically: Heavy stuff always pack down in the box! Book boxes and other heavy loads should not be packed too much. On the one hand, the moving boxes could break and on the other hand, you also have to be able to carry them.
  • How many moving boxes are needed varies according to the number of people, living space and years of living. As a rule of thumb, however, you can remember: A moving box per square meter is enough.

Moving boxes comparison 2018: boxes

The pull together with the partner, a job change or the acquisition of your own property: These are according to market research institute Innofact the most common reasons for a move.

Once out of the home, there are many opportunities and motives to change the place of residence every now and then. Also, the polling institute TNS Emnid can confirm by a study that the Germans are not reluctant to relocation. About one fifth of all respondents have already packed their households at least twice in their lives.

But every new packing of belongings requires moving boxes. What cartons are particularly durable and what you should pay attention to when you buy moving boxes, you can find out in our small purchase advice in our 2018 carton comparison.

1. What distinguishes the best moving boxes

Moving boxes comparison 2018: comparison

2-wavy cardboard

So that your move without transport damage goes on stage, you should not use sensationally cheap moving boxes. Because our moving box price comparison has shown: The cheap moving boxes are often very thin are easily damaged.

Therefore We recommend you to use either 2-wave moving boxes or even 3-wave moving boxes, This type of carton is particularly sturdy, so you can safely pack many books into the cartons.

Do not load large moving boxes too heavy. Although they entice you to pack a lot, keep in mind that you still have to carry the boxes. Therefore, it is advisable to accommodate particularly light items such as bedding or office items in such large moving boxes.

Furthermore, your personal moving box test winner should have reinforced carry handles and have a reinforced bottom. But not only a thick floor protects fragile objects.In order to stow glasses and dishes safely in moving boxes, suitable packaging material is in particular bubble wrap or old newspaper.

Moving boxes comparison 2018: moving

In addition, the best moving box are characterized by the fact that they are already provided with helpful imprints for easy labeling. Since they can always be found in the same place, you will be spared the dislocation of the boxes when it comes to finding something again and the labels on each moving box are located somewhere else.

2. Purchase criteria for moving boxes

2.1. Volume and size

Moving boxes comparison 2018: boxes

Classic moving boxes contain about 67 liters.

The most common dimensions of moving boxes are in width and height between 30 to 33 cm. The length often amounts to 58 to 66 cm. Thus, most cartons contain 50 to 70 liters.

extra Book boxes are usually smaller and equipped with a reinforced floor. These are also ideal for packaging glasses and dishes. There are also special boxes for file folders.

But with all the choices and the different types, keep in mind that the same size of moving boxes can best be stacked and accommodated.

Also, you should not be tempted to pack only large XXL moving boxes of, for example, 90 liters or more. The more space there is, the heavier the boxes will be.

2.2. Capacity

Many models are 2-wave moving boxes, which withstand 40 kg load capacity according to the manufacturer. But there are also boxes that create a little more or less burden. But even if you have sealed all openings well with tape, it can happen that the handles of the boxes still tear. Therefore, we recommend filling the boxes with only 50 to 75 percent of the specified weight.

In principle, you should then stop packing the boxes if they are too heavy to carry. 20 kg can usually be worn well.

2.3. Quality and assembly

Insurance when moving

If you are carrying extra valuable items, we recommend that you check your household contents insurance. For some insurances, your belongings are insured at the time of the move in both places of residence.

Regardless of the size and dimensions of your moving boxes, they all consist of corrugated cardboard. Moving carton tests show that 2-wave and 3-wave moving boxes are stable and thick. From 1-wave boxes we advise against. These can be easily torn or damaged. In particular, the handles should be able to withstand the load carrying. Therefore pay attention to reinforced, wide handles.

If you have ordered moving boxes, first check that there is a folding guide on the boxes so that you do not despair when setting up. If additional room categories are printed, you can easily determine where the box must be delivered later.

Your personal moving box test winner should have the label on the sideso that you can organize all boxes well even when stacked.


  • clearing outIf you have cleared out before the actual move, you will save time while packing up and your relocation helper or moving company will have to carry fewer cartons.
  • paperwork: Let all important providers and offices know. For example: electricity, gas, telephone and the registration office as well as the bank, your employer and health insurance. Also make a request to resend at the post office (19.90 € / 6 months).
  • Careful labeling: Label each box in the same place and note in which room the box should be placed - so you will be spared long searches later.
  • First aid: It can not hurt to keep a first aid kit handy.
  • food: Organize tools as well as drinks and food for the move day and your relocation helper.

Countless, detailed checklists for a move are already circulating in the network. There are now apps for your phone or tablet, which calculate how many moving boxes you need and remember all the important steps.

Is the commissioning of a removal company worthwhile?

Which Advantages and disadvantages a move with the help of professional brings with it, we have summarized for you:

  • It spares time, nerves and strength of friends and relatives
  • You are insured against transport damage
  • Moving company owns necessary truck driver's license
  • Assembly and dismantling service can be booked
  • Often, a prior estimate of the removal costs is offered
  • significantly increasing removal costs

3. Questions and answers about moving boxes

3.1. Where do you get moving boxes from?

Moving boxes comparison 2018: boxes

There are many different ways to get hold of moving boxes: Not only in DIY stores, there is a wide range, online can often order even cheaper moving boxes. Keep your eyes peeled in the supermarket: sometimes discounters like Aldi or Lidl also have boxes on offer - but unfortunately not usually when you need them. And hardly anyone moves his move to wait for a bargain. Our recommendation: Order moving boxes best from online vendors like Amazon, because you get the bulky boxes even delivered to your home.

If you want to move in an environmentally friendly way, you can look for used moving boxes - for example on eBay. However, there is a risk here that the cartons already show signs of wear (caused for example by moisture) and break during the move.

Another possibility is Hire moving boxes in different sizes, For example, here. These moving boxes are made of plastic and are thus reusable.

3.2. How many boxes do I need?

Whether you need 10, 15, or 40 moving boxes depends very much on how many people move and how large the area you vacate. Therefore, it is tricky to estimate the number of 40 kg moving boxes needed.

But as a rule of thumb, one can say: Plan 30 boxes per person or one box per square meter of living space. But watch out! Do not forget to include attic, basement, garden and garage.

If you move out of or into a shared flat, you will need to buy a lot less boxes, because kitchen items, for example, do not need to be brought twice.

If you are unsure how many cardboard boxes to expect, online relocation calculators can also provide you with a clue, Based on the square meters and the number of persons, they calculate the probably required number of moving boxes for clothes, books and more.

The sizes and types of moving boxes in general and how many liters they contain are listed in the following table:

Moving Box Type and Dimensionsvolumesuitable for
Books carton
(extra strong double bottom):
40 x 33 x 34 cm
44 litersBooks, magazines, newspapers
Cardboard for file folders
41 x 33 x 34 cm
42 litersabout five files
XXL packing boxes
(stable, extra strong material):
76 x 43 x 43.5 cm
142 litersSheets, towels, games, big, bulky items
Carton for glasses
(with individual subjects):
60 x 33 x 34 cm
67 liters24 glasses

3.3. How much do moving boxes cost on average?

Moving boxes comparison 2018: 2018

Our relocation carton comparison has shown: In DIY stores such as Obi, Hornbach, Toom and Co. are inexpensive boxes for one to two euros each. Particularly stable moving boxes and XXL moving boxes of different brands are available from forwarding companies for about three euros each.

3.4. What does Stiftung Warentest say about this topic?

So far, Stiftung Warentest has not carried out a relocation carton test. But on its website, the examining institute regularly updates its tips and advice on relocation. A checklist for moving paperwork is also available.

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