Moving Checklist: Moving, step by step

Moving Checklist: Moving, step by step: move

Relocation Checklist for your move: Become your own relocation planner and make all the necessary preparations and measures for a smooth and fast move.

Moving cheaply is easy: With proper planning. The following tips are divided into phases: Before, during and after the move.

Relocation Checklist: The individual phases

Before the move

  • Define relocation date
  • Take a vacation
  • Organize helpers
  • cancel rental agreement
  • Clarify renovation (paint walls, floors, etc.)
  • order new furniture
  • For the children: New kindergarten or new school?
  • Positioning plan for the new apartment
  • Measuring the transport routes (doors, elevators, staircase)
  • Cleaning up and mucking out
  • Make out the bulky waste date for the moving day
  • Apply for mailing
  • Change phone
  • Renegot GEZ

Address changes and changes

  • to re-register all insurances, in particular:
    • household
    • liability
    • life insurance
    • medical insurance
    • accident insurance
    • car insurance
  • address changes
    • friends
    • relative
    • neighbors
    • employer
    • societies
    • Tax office
    • newspaper subscriptions

Two weeks earlier

  • Arrange apartment transfer date
    • Thereby agree a reading date for the meter readings!
    • Calculate utility bill with the landlord
  • Open bank account at the new place of residence
  • Apply for parking at the old and new residence, if necessary!
  • Get moving aids
    • cartons
    • newsprint
    • Rent a truck
    • Put together a tool
    • Verification of direct debit authorizations, standing orders, etc.
    • Possibly. Book a babysitter
    • Possibly. Book Pet Sitter
  • For big moves, start packing now!

The day before the move

  • Re-register the car
  • In der Einwohnermeldeamt re-register (i.d.R. within a week)
  • Possibly. Lock parking in front of the house
  • Defrost the refrigerator
  • Withdraw cash
  • Get moving meals
  • Organizing keys
  • Pack personal documents / valuables
  • Pick up a rental car (pay attention to straps and blankets!)

Checklist move day

  • Other things pack
  • Check stairwell for damage
  • Briefing relocation helper
  • Handover of the old apartment with handover protocol
  • Check meter readings
  • Clean the staircase
  • Staircase check if damage has been caused by the move

In the new apartment

  • Again check the stairwells for damage
  • Cover floors
  • Mount lighting (construction guides)
  • Brief the relocation helper
  • First the furniture, then the boxes
  • Check staircase for damage caused by removal
  • Clean the staircase
  • Certainly not bad: a box of beer and a soup for the helpers!

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