Moving elevator - gentle move

Lugging furniture through a narrow stairwell is a thing of the past. Today there is the removal elevator. This device is driven from the outside to the house and extended like a fire ladder over several floors. In some cases, the removal elevator even extends to the tenth floor of the house.

Move more relaxed

A move is cumbersome enough anyway, if one imagines then a Bigsofa or a beautiful antique desk, which are to be towed through the narrow stairwell, some people prefer to stay in the same apartment forever.

Even if there is an elevator in the house, it can often transport only smaller pieces of furniture. In addition, the enthusiasm of other residents is limited if the elevator is blocked the whole day by a tenant transporting his furniture and boxes.

Inclined elevator or moving elevator

The outside elevator is usually located on a separate vehicle. Therefore, there must be some outdoor space for the inclined lift to be placed. Today, many moving companies have at least one smaller moving train in their service offering.

Depending on the type of device, loads of up to 1000 kilos can be transported. However, most normal moving elevators are about 300 kilos that can be carried. The equipment is usually not rented alone, but always with a knowledgeable operator, as here numerous safety aspects must be complied with.

Mini lift as a car trailer

There are also very small moving elevators, which usually only extend to the second floor at most. Also, the weight that these small inclined lifts can each transport, is usually very low. This is partly due to their low weight.

If only light but bulky things from the first floor are to be transported for example, such a lift is certainly a cheaper solution. For valuable antique furniture but you should refrain from it.

What should be considered?

The first and most important aspect is of course safety. If a particularly heavy part is under the household contents, such as an old safe or a marble table, one should know the approximate weight. The removal company must guarantee this weight and will of course only do so under reserve.

  • Pitch in front of the house
  • Relocation professionals with liability insurance
  • Capacity of the relocation elevator
  • window size
  • written contract about the exact specifications

Tips & Tricks

If you think it would be cheaper to dispense with moving to such an outside elevator, you might be better advised to repair the damage in the stairwell. Caretakers and homeowners look very closely at the staircase and the doors on this occasion.

With a little bit of bad luck, you will also be left with damage that you did not cause at all. All these problems and costs bypass the relocation elevator. The scored back is not even included.

Video Board: Gentle Giant Moving Company's Swift Lift Demonstration