Renovate the apartment building

Whether mold or other defects - in many cases, a renovation of your apartment building is essential. In this article you will learn when a renovation is needed and what you should look out for, so that the costs do not get out of hand.

Structural damage requires rehabilitation

Since a renovation is a complex and usually expensive project, you should consider whether it is necessary at all. For this purpose, it is advisable to engage an expert from the TÜV or a comparable association who can assess the situation of your apartment building professionally. Most of the time it is structural damage that is "anchored" deep inside the house, such as mold, which requires renovation: there is no point in painting over the visible mold.

Recognize the damage and save money

It is particularly important to understand the full extent of the damage: if you are not sure how far the mold has spread, you can not take specific measures: either all the damage will not be eliminated or areas will be "remediated" are not affected at all - clearly that the second variant causes unnecessarily high costs.

Renovate the apartment building: apartment

Because not only the quality of the work, but also the financial aspect is important for a renovation in an apartment building: Since these are usually relatively large areas and many living areas, the costs can quickly explode if you are careless.

Compare the providers

If you compare the different companies that specialize in renovations, you increase the chance of a fair and competent provider. Let us advise you in advance by several companies to determine your personal favorite. Especially with high investments, it is important to be in good hands.

The Internet offers many opportunities to see both the appearance of the company itself and the reviews of other customers in order to get the most diverse and independent picture possible.

Tips & Tricks

If you have a question or problem, it is easier to solve than at a high distance.

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