Multifunction Tool Comparison 2018

Purchase advice on the multifunction tool comparison or test 2018

  • Multifunction tools can saw, grind, scrape, grate, polish, mill and much more. They are to a certain extent the electric all-purpose weapon of the modern handyman and do-it-yourselfers.
  • Most manufacturers already provide the device with a respectable set of accessories. Everything else can be bought later. So do not make your purchase on the "bonus material", but you should plan missing parts right when ordering.
  • In addition to depth stop and additional handle, there are a whole series of other aspects that can decide on the purchase. Do not just grab the most expensive or cheapest multifunctional tool, choose one that fits your needs.

Multifunction Tool Comparison 2018: tools

Whether renovating, crafting, model making or woodwork in general: you need for many special works many different special tools. Or one that combines all functions: the multifunction tool, It can cut pieces of wood, saw off small pipes, grind off corners into which, for example, an eccentric sander can not penetrate and much more. With an extensive collection of essays, numerous work steps are easy to handle:

Multifunction Tool Comparison 2018: tool

A close relative that is sometimes confused with the multifunction tool: the multitool (or "multi-tool"). They are similar to the Swiss army knife and are used in some designs for bicycle repairs.
  • saw
  • grind
  • Scrape
  • rasp
  • fill

Not for nothing this device is called multifunctionTool. It has many tricks and features in stock and combines so several power tools in one, You will always find new uses. We will briefly introduce you to the three most important functions, grinding, sawing and cockroaches. Apart from that, there are also a few other special attachments, with which, for example, mortar is removed. You will also find these, if included in the scope of delivery, in the table at the beginning of the guide.

You'll also get a glimpse into the technology behind it and the many small tweaks that characterize the device in our 2018 Multifunction Tool Comparison, so there are no more questions left at the purchase.

1. A true all-rounder


Multifunction Tool Comparison 2018: tool

With the triangular sanding plate you remove paints and colors.

One of the main tasks of the oscillating tool is grinding. For this purpose, a triangular sanding plate (also: sanding plate) is mounted on the tool holder. At the foot of this essay turn comes the sanding sheet (also: sandpaper).

Nowadays, this is done in the blink of an eye and without any tools: Sanding sheets hold by Velcro on the sanding plate. They can be quickly loosened and replaced if a finer / coarser grain or a new sandpaper is needed.

If a sanding sheet is worn on a corner, you do not need to replace it immediately. Instead, loosen it from the sanding pad, rotate it 120 degrees, so far that another corner points forward, and glue it again.

Anyone who is already familiar with delta cutters will find their way around quickly. The devices are similar in shape and size. Just larger areas should not be sanded, because the sanding plate is too small and the time required would be enormous. Here is an orbital sander, multi-sander or (in case of rough abrasion) belt sander the tool of choice.

Choose when grinding a medium vibration frequency out.


Multifunction Tool Comparison 2018: tool

A dip saw blade is elongate and is stung by the surface of the workpiece.

Another quality shows the oscillating tool when sawing. That's why Bosch even calls its multi-function tool "multi-cutter". So, when talking about a multicutter, you know what it means. Whether wood, sheet metal or plastic, the Multicutter overcomes them all.

Two attachments enable sawing:

  • Diving saw blade
  • Segment Saw

The Diving saw blade has a square, oblong shape, At the cutting edge there are spikes, with which it eats in all kinds of wood. The name comes from the fact that the tool from above or from the side, to dive into the wood at any point can.

Multifunction Tool Comparison 2018: tools

For example, you can replace broken tiles with the segment saw blade.

On the diving saw blade is often one Millimeter printed, so you quickly recognize how deep you have penetrated into the wood, A depth gauge can also be used for this finding - you will find more information on this helper in the next chapter.

There is also this Segment Saw. It is a semi-circle and usually has a diameter of 85 millimeters. It can be used to make excellent cuts in the wood, to mill grooves in different materials or to mill out the joints of tiles. Accessories of this type should be kept in mind for your tool set.

Choose when sawing a high oscillation frequency out.


Multifunction Tool Comparison 2018: multifunction

With such a color scraper old paint layers and other can be quickly removed.

Many manufacturers add a spatula to the machine. With it, layers of paint or varnish are easily scratched away. Even the one or the other adhesive you get so close.

This does not end the list of essays. Also mortar removers, rasps and other are enclosed with the devices or can be bought. Do not let the accessories impress you - Each item is available at the nearest hardware store or, of course, on the Internet quickly and cheaply.

When scraping, choose a medium to high vibration frequency out.

2. Accessories for the multifunction tool

Multifunction Tool Comparison 2018: 2018

The holes in the sandpaper are for dust extraction.

First of all: No matter which part you miss when buying, it can be bought. If you've already got into a particular device and consider it the best multi-functional tool, but miss the mortar remover in the package, look out for the item in advance and simply calculate its cost in the total price. Step by step, you complete a whole set of helpful essays.

Whether tile accessories for clean cuts, tiny saws, special accessories for the FEIN Multimaster or the Bosch Multicutter - on the Internet you'll find just about everything. And DIY stores also have a reasonable range of accessories for multifunction tools.

When purchasing accessories, you are not forced to restrict yourself to parts from this manufacturer. Many things are universally usable. In addition, manufacturers put the oscillating tool often a universal adapter that makes it compatible with other brands, Otherwise, such an adapter can be bought.

depth stop

Multifunction Tool Comparison 2018: 2018

With the depth stop all cuts become the same.

The depth stop is a small rod, which is attached by means of a ring on the multi-function tool. He keeps the device at a constant distance to the workpiece, So the saw always cuts deep into the material, no matter where and how often you start.

Additional handle

An additional handle ensures that you fix the machine better. It is not absolutely necessary, because when working with the oscillating tool it is not important to press as hard as possible against or against the workpiece. Actually that is Exercising too much pressure is often counterproductive, Nevertheless, the addition does not hurt and has already helped some DIY enthusiasts to have the device better under control.

tool box

Who loves his tool, it protects against dirt and dust. Even cheap multifunctional tools are usually delivered in a carrying case, which also fits a few accessories. For high-priced brands are the Suitcases often stackable and combinable with other suitcases from the same manufacturer, If such a model is included, we have noted this in the table specifically.

3. Technology that makes life easier

Not everything is absolutely necessary, but much saves effort and nerves at work. Especially on a dust extraction but should definitely be emphasized.

Dust extraction

Multifunction Tool Comparison 2018: multifunction

Sanding and saw dust is Not only unpleasant, but also causes health damage, Therefore, all multifunction tools are equipped with a dust extraction system. It consists of a ring, which is strapped around the tool holder. The ring in turn leads to a hose nozzle to which the hose of a vacuum cleaner is connected. Under certain circumstances, an adapter is necessary.

Household vacuum cleaners are unsuitable here and should continue to be limited to cleaning the living room carpet. Instead, you need a corresponding industrial vacuum cleaner with filter.

LED light

Controversial is the LED, which can be found on some devices on the head. you illuminates the work area and is thus a real help especially in winding places. However, she will felt by some users as disturbing, Problem: It can not be switched off.

soft grip

The so-called soft grip is nothing more than a rubberized surface on the implement, The hand does not slip there and the machine is firmly in your hand at all times. The material is standard today and you will definitely encounter it when you buy a multifunction tool.

Multifunction Tool Comparison 2018: tools

4. Never without protective clothing

Multifunction Tool Comparison 2018: comparison

Protective goggles make sense in almost all applications with power tools.

There is a lot of arguing about the need for certain protective clothing, and some people simply do not see themselves as a type. Everyone has to decide for themselves which risks they should take.

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend at least wear protective goggles during all work with the multifunction tool, Injuries to the eyes are difficult to treat, still occur too often and lead to permanent damage.

Also reasonable: an ear protectionbecause the devices often exceed 85 dB during operation, and the eardrum is quickly damaged by frequent and prolonged use. Also working gloves and robust clothes are not wrong.

Do not neglect the dust extraction for convenience, It prevents too much sanding dust from getting into the air and the respiratory tract. The hose of an industrial vacuum cleaner is simply plugged into the opening (if necessary with adapter). Ventilate the premises where you are using the tool. For critical work wear a class P2 mask.

5. With or without battery?

Expensive purchase

Battery tools usually cost significantly more than power supplies - unless you already have batteries from the same manufacturer. Due to the (very substantial) savings Bosch, Makita & Co. hope for a stronger customer loyalty to their brand.

As you have already noticed, the table at the beginning of this guide contains only oscillating tools without a battery. That's not because we would not recommend cordless tools, quite the contrary. Just Multifunction tools with rechargeable battery differ considerably from their cable brothers and were therefore left out as a special category for better comparability.

Nevertheless, we would like to give you a brief overview of what makes the two types different from each other.

Cable Multifunction ToolCordless Multifunction Tool

Multifunction Tool Comparison 2018: tool

Multifunction Tool Comparison 2018: multifunction

A cable device is usually more powerful than a cordless device, You will notice this when a very hard fabric has to be sawn through or a particularly unruly paint is removed. This is where the performance pays off.

Big disadvantage of this type of oscillating tool: the Cable is always in the way, gets stuck in pieces of furniture, forms a trip-trap. In addition, a suitable power outlet must be within reach or an extension cable should be used.

Apart from that, the differences are not significant. Both devices work the same in principle, Also in terms of accessories and safety technology, they differ only minimally.

Battery-powered multifunction tools have less power than their wired relatives. They score points in terms of flexibility. you can be taken anywhere, even away from any power supply, With a spare battery in the luggage can work for a long time.

However, they are Cordless tools are anything but cheap, Charger and battery have their price. Small consolation: The batteries are usually compatible with other power tools from the same manufacturer.

The Weight does not make a big difference, Although batteries weigh up to 300 grams, if you work at high altitude, the weight of the long cable will pull your device down.

Neither a cable multi-function tool test, nor a cordless multifunction tool test, the Stiftung Warentest has done so far.

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