Web plates and hollow chamber plates

Multi-wall sheets and hollow panels are used in most cases as terrace roofing. In addition, however, other applications are conceivable. What makes multi-wall sheets and hollow panels so suitable for this purpose, and what different types and materials there are, you can read here.

wall sheets

Multi-wall sheets are used for porch roofing and occasionally for covering a greenhouse. They can be mounted relatively easily. Even the connection succeeds as a home improvement relatively easy.

Their advantage is their low weight and high flexibility. In addition to simple multi-wall sheets, double and triple-wall sheets are also available at very favorable prices.

They provide a stable, translucent cover which - in the case of double and triple-skin sheets - also provides some thermal protection.



The material used in most cases Acrylclas (PMMA, Polymehtylmethacrylat) is used. The well-known as Plexiglas plastic is highly translucent, very tough and resistant to weathering and very light.

Other features:

  • shockproof
  • light
  • slightly heat-insulating
  • flexible

Other materials are the very high quality Makrolon, which is manufactured by Bayer, and is often UV-coated on one side. Both materials, PMMA and Makrolon, are flexible yet highly impact resistant. Thus they withstand even heavy hail storms without big problems.

In the case of Makrolon one can also assume a fairly good heat insulation. As a double-skin slab, they have a U-value of around 2.4 W / (m²K) - which is roughly equivalent to old wooden windows. As triple-wall sheets, the thermal protection capability is even higher.

Makrolon is particularly light - the weight per square meter for double-wall sheets is around 2.6 kg. Thus, no high-carrying substructures are necessary.

Heat-resistant panels

Double-wall sheets can also be specially heat-resistant. These materials have a lower translucency (only about 35 percent translucent) than the completely clear Makrolon, but they also have a slightly lower U-value, so offer even more heat protection.

In the case of terrace roofing this is advantageous because the summer heat and sunlight can not heat up the terrace so much.

If required, however, terrace roofing could also be provided with special heat-resistant foils, which are also available for plastics.

Cellular sheets

Hollow panels are constructed like multi-wall sheets. In most cases, the name is used as a synonym, as in double-wall slabs by the webs and hollow chambers arise. As a special hollow chamber plates they can be stiffened inside by diagonally arranged webs. You are then no longer bendable.

Otherwise, they largely correspond to the web plates with regard to the materials and design used.

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