Multitool Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for multitool comparison or test 2018

  • A loose screw, a wire to be cut, a piece of bread that wants to be cut: In everyday life, but not least on trips, a multitool can be of great use.
  • Similar to the pocket knife - which can also be regarded as a multi-function tool - the multitool contains numerous tools in one: In addition to the pliers so can also be found frequently knife, screwdriver and a can opener.
  • Despite this variety of functions, the multitool is still very compact and can be easily transported in the often included case on the belt.

Multitool Comparison 2018: comparison

In 2016, a good 17 million Germans felt like going on a backpacking or hiking holiday (Source: IfD Allensbach). Whether alone, as a couple or in larger groups: In nature, there can always be a minor emergency in which an all-round tool such as the multitool can be worth gold, And even in everyday life you are happy about the useful tool, if outside the apartment a screw tightened, cut a piece of wire or fruits to be cut.

We have therefore carried out our multi-tool comparison 2018 and inform you about everything essential for the best multitools, With the aid of our purchase advice, you will learn about the various categories of multitools and know which tools are important when looking for your personal multi-tool test winner.

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1. What is a multitool? The outdoor multifunction tool for on the go

The Leatherman

The American Tim S. Leatherman developed in the late 1970s, the first multitool. Since then, the company name Leatherman has established itself as a synonym for multitools - even if the products of other brands are mentioned. Meanwhile, there are various products of the company, such as the Leatherman Surge, the Leatherman Wingman, the Leatherman Skeleton and the most popular model: the Leatherman Wave.

The typical multitool, as a short form sometimes called simply tool (English word for tool), is in its basic form, first of all, a pair of pliers, which comes to light when you unfold the handles.

In the handles themselves, however, is the real secret and successful concept of compact tools. This is because many other small tools are embedded, which can be unfolded as needed.

Usually these are the Multitool a knife, a saw, a can opener, a pair of scissors, one to two screwdriver heads, a file and other useful elements that stand for the fact that it is just a multi-tool.

Likelihood of confusion: The multitool is therefore demonstrably a multifunctional tool, but this term is usually used more for electronic tools that can be used to grind and polish, among other things. In the further course, therefore, only multitools, tools or Leatherman (see info box) should be mentioned.

2. Which multitool types are there? The multitool and its closest relatives

According to our narrow definition of terms, a multitool is a tool that has a relatively large pliers as its main feature. We would also like to find related forms of the multitool, which can also score with a great variety of tools.

The Leatherman

Multitool Comparison 2018: comparison

  • Pliers as the main component
  • numerous other fine tools in the handles
  • Depending on the model, it can also be used as a one-hand tool
  • collapsible and in the case to attach to the belt
  • large range of functions
The pocket knife

Multitool Comparison 2018: tools

  • Knife as main component
  • usable as a one-hand knife
  • some more tools in the shaft
  • smaller and more compact than the Leatherman
  • best-known form: Swiss army knife Victorinox (also Victorinox pocket knife)
Other types of multitools
for example, for craftsmen or bicycles

Multitool Comparison 2018: tools

  • Main component such as ax and / or hammer
  • other elements such as pliers, knives, file, etc. also included
  • but also special bicycle multitools available
  • These include, for example, Allen key, screwdriver and spoke wrench

3. Purchase criteria for multitools: You must pay attention to this

3.1. Number of tools

The number of tools can vary greatly from product to product. While many a multitool only has six instruments, others can boast about 20 tools. So, if you want to buy a multitool, you should first think about what you need the tool for.

It does not necessarily have to be a multi-tool: a Swiss army knife can already be enoughIf you only want to use the tool for smaller hikes or picnic trips. Because even the compact and narrow knife can contain over ten elements.

With a multi-tool means more not necessarily better, after all, the device should not be too heavy or unwieldy. Still, a good leatherman should be For larger trips or wilderness trips, we recommend that you have at least 12 instruments.

Is the right thing? Whether there are 13 or 27 tools in the multitool, try to make it clear which instruments should be included for you. Often, a device with less than or just over ten tools can be enough, because it covers all the essentials that are important to you.

You already have your tool in hand and are wondering where the advertised features should be? The following YouTube video shows how well one or the other feature of your multitool can hide.

3.2. handiness

The handiness should not suffer from an excess of included tools. Every single tool is only as valuable as it can be used and used. Multitools are not designed for longer workwhy the handles do not offer the usual ergonomics of tools. Nevertheless, your tool should be as good as possible in the hand.

The individual tools should also be able to be folded separately and easily, So nerve costume and fingernails are not unnecessarily stressed.

3.3. mass

Multitool Comparison 2018: 2018

A mini multitool is also pleasantly light.

A multitool tool usually weighs up to 300 grams, in some cases 400 grams can be achieved.

This means that no multitool is particularly difficult, but especially on longer journeys or hikes should be paid attention to carry no unnecessary ballast.

Do you want yours Optimize luggage for longer and more difficult tours, you should also resort to the lightest possible multitool.

Find the right compromise: To pay attention to every gram is recommended. However, this should not be at the expense of stability and manageability. A good usability of the device is ultimately more important than the saving of a few grams of weight.

Multitool Comparison 2018: 2018

If the multitool fits well in the hand, the tools can be operated like your own fingers.

3.4. equipment

Multitool Comparison 2018: multitool

Holster of the brand Leatherman.

The multitool accessory consists primarily of a matching case or holster. For example, if you want to stow the tool on a belt, it is recommended to store it in a case. Make sure that a case is included in your desired multitoolbecause a separately purchased may not be perfectly tailored to the dimensions of your tool.

Some products even contain additional screw bits (bits) in the accessories or they can at least be purchased separately. Of course, this is particularly interesting if you often want to use your multitool for screwdriving and are therefore often confronted with different screws. In some cases, the bits can also be stored safely in the case.

However, if you want to buy accessories for your multitool, you should always make sure that the compatibility is given. This is usually the case if you buy the accessories from the same brand as your tool, for example, consistently from Leatherman Tools or Swiss Tools (Victorinox Multitool).

Tip: Even a multi-tool made of stainless steel needs a little oil from time to time, so that the joints remain supple and all tools can be opened super.

4. Questions and answers about multitools

4.1. Which multitool is the best?

Multitool Comparison 2018: multitool

For a picnic also a pocket knife is enough.

Which multitool is best for you depends on your plans:

So if you are as flexible as possible to respond to different demands of everyday life or the wilderness, offers a tool with many tools.

If you need only a tool for small hikes or a picnic, perhaps even a Swiss army knife to pick mushrooms or cut some fruit.

We summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the multitool over a pocket knife:

  • usually more tools and uses
  • Pliers as a unique selling point
  • Also suitable for longer trips in nature
  • heavier and a bit bigger
  • often more expensive

4.2. Which multitool do I use for the bike?

Multitool Comparison 2018: 2018

The bicycle multitool with chain tool.

The multitool for the bicycle is a specially designed device and should not be confused with the multitools presented in our comparison.

A bicycle multitool often includes several allen keys, screwdrivers, tire levers, a chain tool, a spoke wrench and other work equipment with which the bike can be made fit again before or during the bike tour.

This is often a kind of mini-multitool, which can be compared in terms of its size rather with the pocket knife than with the multi-tool.

4.3. How much does a multitool cost?

A particularly cheap multitool is already available for about ten euros, but you also have to cut back on the functionality. Occasionally, you can also find discount stores, as in the case of the Aldi multitool. Frequently, however, these products can not compete with those of the industry leaders.

Starting at around 25 euros you will already receive significantly more versatile toolswhile you have to budget around 90 euros for the top equipment.

The multi-pocket knife, for example in the form of the Swiss Army Knife, can cost between 17 and 33 euros. But even here there are more expensive products: The Victorinox Rescue Tool already costs more than 50 euros.

4.4. Which multitool manufacturers are recommended?

The following brands have proven themselves and are among the most popular manufacturers of multitools:

  • Crankbrothers
  • CRKT
  • Cube
  • Gerber (also under Gerber Bear Grylls)
  • herbertz
  • Leatherman
  • Lezyne
  • Oakland
  • Park Tool
  • Swiss + Tech
  • Topeak
  • Victorinox (also under Swisstool)

4.5. Did the Stiftung Warentest carry out a multitool test?

Multitool Comparison 2018: tools

Electric multifunctional tool.

Stiftung Warentest has not done a multi-tool test yet and has not ventured into a test for multifunctional pocket knives.

However, if you are looking for the right multitool tool for your home-style crafting room, we can recommend the foundation's home improvement combi appliance test, in which Eleven electrical devices thoroughly tested for grinding, engraving, polishing, drilling and sawing become.

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