Is a mushroom lock secure?

The numbers of burglary offenses and burglary attempts have increased dramatically in recent years. Many homeowners and tenants therefore want to make windows and balcony doors safer. It can be read again and again that mushroom head locks should offer a high degree of security and can also be retrofitted. But how safe are mushroom head locks? Below are the answers.

Conventional window roller pivot a weak point

The number of burglaries has risen massively in recent years. On average, a break-in or break-in attempt occurs every three minutes. The majority of the offenses are attempted through windows and balcony doors. In about eight out of ten cases an attempt is made to pry open the relevant window. From this it can already be deduced that, above all, the window fittings are the target of the burglars. Standard fittings with the conventional flat rolling pins can be levered up very quickly.

Mushroom head locks are much safer

This is opposed by the so-called mushroom pegs. Its peculiarity is the mushroom-shaped round surface, which offers practically no attack surface, a lever tool set. So basically it can be stated in any case that a mushroom lock is much safer than the conventional rolling pins. How safe a mushroom lock is, can not be answered flat rate.

How safe, however, depends first of all on the resistance class

Rather, the corresponding resistance class is decisive here. Depending on the resistance class (WK), a window also has a different number of mushroom-head locks, but this is not compulsory. For the private living space, the following resistance classes are important (all other classes would cost too much):

  • Resistance class RC 1 N: no special (manual) burglary protection test
  • Resistance class RC 2 N: the window has to withstand slight burglary attempts for three minutes
  • Resistance class RC 2: the window has to withstand break-in attempts with a light tool for three minutes, additionally safety glass is required
  • Resistance class RC 3: the lock has to withstand a somewhat experienced burglar with two screwdrivers and a mounting iron up to five minutes

Number of mushroom-head locks not specified

Many security companies attribute the number of mushroom interlocks to resistance classes as follows:

  • WK RC 1 N: 4 conventional window rollers
  • WK RC 2 N: 4 to 6 mushroom pegs
  • WK RC 2: 6 to 8 mushroom pegs
  • WK RC 3: 8 to 10 mushroom pegs

Mushroom head locks and other window components

The number of mushroom locks is therefore not critical for the safety class or resistance class. So, how many mushroom locks have to be installed depends on the individual safety requirements and the basic requirements of the affected window. Of course, you can also retrofit mushroom-head locks.

Tips & Tricks

If you would like to retrofit appropriate spigot rollers, you can find out more about the costs involved in retrofitting mushroom head locks.

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