Mushroom lock - how many make sense?

Whether new windows or existing windows, the demand for mushroom lock systems continues to rise due to the high number of burglaries. In the process, every house or apartment owner quickly asks how many mushroom-head locks per window, terrace or balcony door are actually necessary. Here are your answers.

No general answer to the number of locking pins

The high numbers of burglaries and burglaries are causing many homeowners to significantly increase the security of their own four walls. A real weak point in the safety chain are windows and doors. So-called mushroom-head locks significantly increase the security against burglary. The question of how many mushroom interlocks would be useful per unit can not be answered flatly.

How many mushroom locks depend on the resistance class

First, the resistance class of the windows and doors themselves plays an important role. However, this does not significantly determine how many mushroom locks must be present on each unit. Although there are also DIN EN, but all are always looking only at the WK, the resistance class.

In fact, this is sufficient. For privately used buildings, resistance classes up to RC 3 are relevant. For this purpose, the mushroom-head locks are rated differently depending on the window manufacturer or fitter and also stated differently in the sum:

  • RC 1 N: no mechanical testing, often conventional locking pins, possibly up to a maximum of four - mushroom-head locks
  • RC 2 N: usually 4 to 6 mushroom pegs are recommended
  • RC 2 (formerly WK1): usually 6 to 8 mushroom pegs are recommended
  • RC 3: usually 8 to 10 mushroom journals per unit are recommended

However, the need for mushroom lock is also derived from the resistance class of your windows, balcony and patio doors. That is, a corresponding derivation can only be made individually.

Number of mushroom locks depending on the position

In addition to the resistance classes that are to be used or are already installed, but also decide the position of the windows and doors. These can be subdivided as follows:

  • Basement window: preferably RC 3
  • Windows Ground floor (ground floor): RC 2 to RC 3
  • Patio doors: RC 2 to 3
  • Windows on the first floor (accessible by ladder): RC 2 N to RC 2
  • Balcony doors, accessible from outside: RC2 to RC 3
  • Roof windows and roof doors, accessible from the outside: RC 2 N to RC 2

There is no universal answer

So you can see how many mushroom locks on your windows, balcony and patio doors are actually required, can not be answered flat rate. However, if you are unsure, it is advisable to consult a neutral technical adviser. Make sure that they are independent, non-manufacturer consultants or fitters.

Tips & Tricks

If you would like to retrofit existing windows or balcony or patio doors with mushroom-head locks, we will provide you with the appropriate instructions for retrofitting. Here you will also learn all about the cost of retrofitting mushroom locks.

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