Retrofitting mushroom pins - that's important

In view of the constantly increasing burglary figures, securing your own windows is certainly important. Mushroom fittings are an effective means. What you should pay attention to when retrofitting, read in detail in this post.

Benefits of mushroom cones

If you look at the burglary statistics and the procedures of the perpetrators, you will recognize some important things. In about 80% of cases, perpetrators enter the house via windows or French windows. By far the most burglaries, the window is leveraged. The impact of a small part of the disc and then the operation of the window handle from the inside make up only about 5% of all burglars.

This must be a primary goal in window lock to protect the windows as much as possible against prying off. If it succeeds in making it impossible for the offender, or to make it very difficult, he will usually refrain from burglary.

Therefore, mushroom pins, in addition to lockable window handles and reinforcing the glazing by security films, the most important measure in securing the windows.

Function of mushroom pegs

Normally, a window fitting only has ordinary pins (simple rolling pin), if it is not a security window with a defined resistance class.

If the rolling pin is replaced by a mushroom head (looks exactly like that, hence the name), this pin hooks into a recess on the window frame, which also has to be remounted. This positive connection makes leverage much more difficult or even impossible (in any case, special tools are required for prying).

As a rule, mushroom pegs are not only installed in one place of the window frame, but in several places. The larger the window, the more mushroom fittings should be distributed around the frame. An exact number is also not specified in the standards.

Install yourself

To retrofit such fittings, it only takes a little skill and a little basic understanding of the mechanics of a window. In case of doubt, however, one should have an expert carry out this work. The installation must be carried out according to standards.

Costs for retrofit kits

The cost of retrofit sets vary, but larger windows may require more sets. Normally, the cost of a retrofit kit with the appropriate screws between about 180 and 250 EUR move.

Overall, the cost per window is a relatively high investment. However, they are also the most important protection against the best practices of most burglars.

cost calculation

In case of doubt, but you should also calculate a window exchange in view of the high cost. In particular, if your windows no longer have up-to-date U-values ​​anyway. Together with the potential promotion for a window exchange, you may even get away with it cheaper than retrofitting mushroom pins, lockable window handles and security foil individually.


As an alternative, you may also use so-called screw-on fuses. They are not very nice, but much cheaper and almost as effective.

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