Must withstand high demands: garage tiles

Depending on the size, type of use and personal taste, many garage owners do not have a bare floor. As flooring asphalting or ceramic tiles, cement or plastic come into question. If tiles are chosen, they must ensure high abrasion resistance and stability.

Durability and frost resistance

A conventional car weighs between one and two tons. This load, spread over the four wheels, is often moved at least twice a day, in some cases more frequently, over the garage tiles. In addition to the load capacity also frost resistance plays an important role.

Usually, garages are unheated and therefore often exposed to temperatures below zero degrees Celsius in winter. Therefore, garage tiles must comply with the relevant European standard DIN EN 14411 for ceramic tiles regarding their water absorption capacity.

  • The water absorption capacity for garage tiles may not exceed three percent, which corresponds to the category in group Ib. Better is the classification in Ia, which guarantees a water absorption capacity of at most 0.5 percent.
  • Almost all certified stoneware garage tiles are in group Ib, with porcelain stoneware glazed or unglazed, usually group 1a.

Abrasion resistance and slip resistance

According to the European standard DIN EN ISO 10545-7 the abrasion resistance is defined. For garage tiles, only the highest abrasion class five is considered here.

There are no legal regulations for private garages for the anti-slip properties, however, only garage tiles from group R11 should be chosen in your own interest. The classification of the static friction values ​​is carried out in the groups R9, R10, R11, R12 and R13, wherein higher numbers express a lower slide property.

Other aspects of selecting garage tiles are patch sensitivity and acid resistance. Especially when using the garage for car repairs, battery acid can leak out or very greasy and oily substances can reach the floor.

Price examples for ceramics and plastics

  • At, plastic garage tiles are offered from around € 30 per square meter, which are designed for different loads depending on the model.
  • Under zisterer-tiles, a tiling company specializing in garage tiles offers R11 tiles including professional installation for 35 euros per square meter.
  • At, a specialized online shop offers the branded products of

Tips & Tricks

The classifications concerning the slip resistance and the abrasion group should always be binding on garage tiles that you select.

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