Sewing powder - the insider tip to mend the sofa clean!

At the beginning, the new sofa looks really nice, so wonderfully immaculate! Unfortunately, over time, the highest quality cover wears off, resulting in small holes and sometimes cracks. In very unfortunate cases, it can even lead to burn marks that look really ugly. But fortunately, there is a remedy that helps make all these broken spots disappear optically.

Holes in the couch cover? So go against it!

Luckily, each sofa also has a back and bottom, where a little bit of the cover fabric can be taken from the concealed area. You simply "transplant" it to the ugly hole or the tear on the visible side.

How this works is explained in the following short guide. To be on the safe side, please take a look at the instructions for use of your purchased sewing powder!

An alternative is to put a sofa on the couch and give it a whole new look. You may even be able to sew this chic cover yourself.

Instructions for patching a sofa cover

  • Nähpulver
  • Fabric punch / scalpel / cutter
  • Iron

1. Try iron on fabric

First, try on a small spot on the back of your sofa to make sure your fabric does not fade or get damaged during ironing.

2. Remove small piece of fabric

At a concealed place, after a successful ironing test, remove a small but appropriate piece of fabric. Use either a scalpel, a cutter or - even more practical - a cloth punch.

3. Mending the hole clean

Now put a little bit of sewing powder on the back side of this cut out piece of fabric and place it on the hole to be patched. Now just iron it tight. The temperature depends on the instructions for use of the sewing powder.

4. Wait a moment and use the sofa again

Wait until the patch has completely cooled down again. Then your couch is back to normal - and looks much better!

Tips & Tricks

Do you own a leather or imitation leather sofa? For this material, there are special repair pastes that can be applied to the hole. In this case, pay close attention to matching the color.

Artikelbild: FotoDuets / Shutterstock

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