Nano-sealing - How to protect the nano-particles

Self-cleaning effect thanks to nanotechnology

Nano-sealing - How to protect the nano-particles: nano-sealing

As Lotus effect is the low wettability of a surface as it was first observed in the lotus plant in the 1970s. Raindrops roll off the leaves of the lotus flower, taking with them all the dirt particles that are present on the surface. This effect, which is due to the extremely hydrophobic (water-repellent) surface structure of the lotus plant, is called the lotus effect.

In the 1990s, the ability of self-cleaning, which until then could only be observed in nature, was transferred to biometical-technical products. These are marked with the brand name lotus effect.

Nanotechnology products are now applicable on different surfaces and permanently increase the resistance to dirt and other harmful environmental factors by protecting the surface with a thin layer of nanopolymers.

The Use of cleaning agents is no longer necessary Pollution can now be easily removed with clear water. The cleaning effort is thus minimized and the care optimized!

Have nano-particles, compared to their volume, a very large surface. Their special material properties are still used today in the development of nanotechnology novelties.

If you look at nano-coated surfaces under the microscope, you can see very clearly how a network of nano-polymers pulls over the surface, which has tightly connected to the surface.

Effect of nanomaterials on health and the environment

The NanoCare project has succeeded in developing further knowledge about the effects of nanomaterials on health and the environment. This project involved 15 companies, universities and research institutes, which lasted three years the impact of industrially produced nanomaterials on health explored.

The project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), contributes significantly to another basis for the safe and responsible development of nanotechnology to create, so Dr. Peter Nagler, Head of Innovation Management at Evonik's Chemicals Business Area.

On the occasion of Final event of NanoCare in Berlin, described Dr. Nagler the project NanoCare from Evonik's point of view as a complete success.

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