A natural balcony border - from bamboo to heather

Nature provides many beautiful materials that can be wonderfully used as a visual protection balcony border. Suitable for this purpose are especially fast-growing, hard-wearing grasses such as bamboo, reeds and ferns, as well as the elastic branches of willow. Those who love it especially rustic, resort to bark wood borders or heather roots.

How weatherproof is the natural balcony border?

The natural materials selected as a balcony border often prove to be surprisingly weatherproof and therefore last for several years in the outdoor area. The natural weathering of, for example, the willow wood does not affect the durability, it could be called a kind of "wood patina".

The individual elements of the balcony border are either glued with a hard-wearing adhesive or attached to each other with wires. Iron wire is galvanized in the normal case before use outdoors to protect it from rusting.

How do I attach my natural balcony border?

Each privacy mat is usually supplied with the right mounting material - if not, ask the seller or manufacturer. Reeds and bamboo cladding are often lashed with simple PUR loops.

Similar attachment loops are also available for heather and bark wood mats, the attachment is relatively simple. Since sometimes strong wind can press against the balcony, you should definitely pay attention to attach enough loops.

Natural deco suitable for privacy

To the privacy mats made of grasses and wood fits best a natural decoration. If you also lovingly green your balcony, you will get a garden-like recreational oasis in which you can relax wonderfully. Here are our inspirations for the balcony design:

  • Glory winds and vetches are suitable as vine plants for the heather mat.
  • How about a mini pond with water lilies?
  • Even a small fountain is a nice decoration element for the natural balcony.
  • Wooden and rattan furniture fits best to the natural privacy.
  • The green window boxes must not be missing.
  • Large tubs with lush reed or bamboo plants complete the greenery.
  • An old showcase can be converted into a stylish greenhouse for the balcony.
  • A self-made birdhouse not only looks beautiful, it brings in the cold season, nature directly on the balcony.
  • The bamboo balcony border is decorated with Asian-style decorative objects.
  • A beach chair on the balcony looks fancy and invites you to relax.

The alternative: plastic mats in natural look

Plastic panels usually withstand prolonged weathering, and they are also often UV-resistant and easy to clean. Wood-effect PE mats are an interesting alternative to the real wooden edging, they do not look deceptively real, but they add to the cozy atmosphere.

Build a privacy screen yourself

If you are fit for work, you can also build your own natural privacy screen yourself. It is particularly cost-effective, if you get the cut-off remains of the annual Weidenschnitt and make a mat from it. DIY knotting instructions are available on the internet.

Easier than tying is tying together with galvanized wire or gluing. The wire then also serves to attach the self-made wicker mat to the railing: a nice project for people who like to work with their hands.

Tips & Tricks

For the side areas of the balcony there are also blinds made of natural material to buy. These semi-circular shaped products were braided on a stabilizing metal grid and can be mounted on the balcony railing: this way, even the curious glances from the neighboring balcony remain.