Natural cellar

As the name implies, a natural cellar is usually a natural hole in the ground. But at the same time basements, which have a completely natural air and moisture exchange through contact with the soil without bottom plate.

Natural cellar or Erdloch

Under the term natural cellar there are completely different cellars. Partly, it refers to the pantry that used to be dug into the ground away from the house to keep supplies cool. Actually, this is more of an earth cellar.

Even natural caves above or on which then the actual house was built, are among the natural cellars.

Natural cellar: natural


By definition, a natural cellar should have at least one natural soil that is either made of mash or earth. Through this open ground, the cold of the soil cool the natural cellar.

Today rather disadvantageous

As the natural cellars no longer function as originally desired, they become moist and moldy. This is partly due to the air-tightness upwards.

The ceilings to the ground floor have been completely shielded from the room air in the basement with vapor barriers and insulation. As a result, no more air exchange can take place at the top and the moisture does not evaporate.

Instead, the moisture condenses here and drips on the already slightly damp soil in the natural cellar.

Location determines the benefit

The location of the property determines the practical benefits of a natural cellar. Among many old houses is still such a cellar, as this was the only way to cool food.

However, natural cellars were also built where the groundwater reached the cellar at regular intervals. Today, these natural cellars must be turned into isolated and sealed basements so that the house is not moistened.

What to look for in the natural cellar?

  • Location of the property
  • Condition of the basement floor
  • Mode of action still guaranteed after house renovation?

Tips & Tricks

Some brickworks today offer special shaped blocks to build a natural cellar. But here you have to look carefully, if your property is suitable for such a cellar. High standing groundwater quickly destroys every dream of a natural cellar. Be sure to question the neighbors before making this investment.

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