Lay a natural stone carpet

A natural stone carpet consists of many small pebbles or fragments. Very popular are marble pebbles. When laying the loose stones are poured and fixed with a binder similar to a cake icing. In the post-processing, the surface can be compacted shaking. The durability stands and falls with the binder.

The central element is the binder

A stone carpet can be installed outside and inside. As with all floor coverings exposed to rainfall and the weather, the drainage of the water must be ensured. Also important is the use of a UV-resistant binder. There are two typical binders for outdoor use:

Acrylates and epoxies

The less expensive resin-based binders can only be supplemented to some extent with additives that stabilize them against UV radiation. In shady and weather-protected places, they can be enough.


The more expensive synthetic adhesives are UV-resistant. For outdoor applications without roofing, they are well suited. Similar to acrylates and epoxies, solvent content and plasticizers severely limit indoor use.

Both binders are also solvent-free and contain no plasticizers.

Construction of the carpet

The natural stone pebbles are joined together with open pores. They should not be sealed later when water can hit the stone carpet (bathroom, rain, laundry drying). Under the stone layer a watertight sealing foil is mounted, which dissipates the penetrated and leaked water. There must be a slope for this.

In general, it is possible to attach a natural stone carpet directly to a substrate. Since the binders stick to almost any material and work, the carpet can be laid directly on concrete, wood and tiles. The usual construction height of a natural stone carpet is between 0.8 and 1.2 centimeters.

If a natural stone carpet should be removable, as is necessary, for example, in rental properties, it can be applied to the sealing film. At a later date, the stone layer can be easily lifted and removed without damage.

Pattern and mosaic

In the building materials trade, in DIY stores and in quarries, coarse or fine pre-sorted stone and pebble mixtures are available. In order to change the effect of the color of the natural stone, mixtures can be combined. The smaller the pebbles are, the more pronounced is the area-wide overall color impression.

Tips & Tricks

Buy only drum-cleaned silica mixtures. If you purchase unpurified products, perform a thorough pre-cleaning with a water hose on a cleaning sieve.

Artikelbild: Viktor Sergeevich / Shutterstock

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