Clean natural stone gently and quickly

Unless a natural stone is completely sealed, the time factor plays the main role in cleaning. The porous surfaces take up more or less quickly according to Steinart and treatment moist and liquid dirt. To avoid stains, the immediate reaction is crucial. The cleaning is difficult to penetrate.

Natural stone cleaning with few resources

With hardly any floor or wall covering such as natural stone, the motto "less is more" is clearer. The porous and absorbent surfaces should be treated as far as possible without cleaning agents. The right home remedies for cleaning natural stone are of a mechanical nature. Chemical substances, acids and surfactants cause more harm than good.

The basic equipment for cleaning aids for cleaning untreated or impregnated natural stone is limited to:

  • Soft broom
  • Wurzelbürste
  • Clear water
  • mop
  • squeegee
  • Absorbent wipes or rags
  • Binders such as sawdust or small animal litter for grease stains
  • Distilled water for lime residues

Constantly enable and support acute cleansing

The properties of natural stone without sealing allow the cleaning of deeply penetrated dirt and stains only partially or not at all. Therefore, an event-based immediate cleaning is the best home remedy for permanent traces. Support provided and accessible help tools serve as support:

  • Soft broom, hand brush or brush for coarse dirt removal
  • Mudflaps such as runners or doormat on entry sides to floor coverings
  • Stock blotting paper near kitchen countertops
  • Keep binders such as baby powder, small animal litter, flour, sawdust, salt or talcum at hand
  • Have clean absorbent cloths, rags and / or sponge ready for cleaning

If natural stone forms the cladding in the shower or on the sink, splash water should always be absorbed immediately as routine work. Nevertheless, staining can hardly be prevented without impregnation.

Annual cleaning

The general care of natural stone also includes a purifying effect. When working up, a more uniform "distribution" of dirt is achieved by polishing.

For a basic cleaning of natural stone slabs manufacturers offer special agents for the respective stone type. The natural stone cleaning agents must be pH-neutral and must not form a film. Basic cleaners are applied to the pre-soaked soil according to the manufacturer's instructions and re-absorbed after exposure time.

Any cleaning agent, also suitable for natural stone, creates stress for the stone substance, should be dispensed as possible in pure decorative surfaces such as wall coverings on the use. Dust can also be removed with a vacuum cleaner with a brush nozzle, in addition to wiping. Distilled water helps to dissolve limescale.

Tips & Tricks

The more intensive and with increasing amount of used cleaning agent you not only work the pollution out of your natural stone, but also dissolve the impregnation on and on. After each basic cleaning, you must check whether the impregnation is still effective. Spray drops of water on several places of the natural stone surfaces and observe the beading behavior. If the normal renewal interval is not yet pending, you may want to partially work on affected sites.

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