Seal natural stone in the shower or not

Although it appears to be suitable for porous natural stone, a seal should be carefully considered. The tempting easy care and the avoided staining almost always seduce to seal the shower. In return, however, the balancing effect of natural stone is eliminated.

Stress situation and preliminary considerations

In a shower, natural stone is constantly sprinkled with large quantities of water spray. Untreated surfaces, depending on the type of natural stone, have a conditional dribbling behavior. With an impregnation of natural stone, this lotus effect is enhanced. For full surface sealing of natural stone tiles, an air and water impermeable protective layer is applied.

Unlike natural stone sinks, almost all water strikes the surface. Sharpeners and drops of body care products are rarer. When considering how to treat the natural stone, this circumstance plays a role. When choosing a suitable natural rock and a regular and immediate maintenance care of natural stone tiles can be dispensed with sealing.

Intensive care instead of sealing

The breathability of the porous natural stone supports the moisture balance and thus the indoor climate. This is also true and especially in bathrooms. If care and maintenance are carried out properly, the lotus effect will suffice without sealing. Natural stone care in the shower includes:

  • Dry the wet surfaces with a cloth or puller with rubber lip
  • Avoid splashes of body care and remove immediately if necessary
  • When staining starts, use a root brush to remove the edges and cause immediately

Waterproof joints are indispensable

An absolute prerequisite for preventing damage to a natural stone-tiled shower is grouting with silicone. Penetrating water can cause damage, even in the most attentive care in the wall, in cavities, in adhesives or mortar and in the stone substance.

Penetrated water is usually too deep and too abundant to be "disposed of" with the natural evaporation. Of course, this also applies to sealed natural stone and is even more important.

Tips & Tricks

Let us advise you and check which natural stone types already have a pronounced lotus effect. Slate, for example, has ideal properties that often make even impregnation superfluous.

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