Attach natural stone facade yourself

Six steps to the insulated natural stone facade

A natural stone facade can also be realized with modern insulation systems.

Sto offers officially approved systems for ETICS and VHF facades. In only Six steps creates an attractive surface on an energy saving building envelope.

For the Sto systems StoTherm and StoVentec there are several Natural stone types in the formats 30.5 x 30.5 and 61 x 30.5 centimeters for optional.

At StoVerotec Stone Massive are individual stone formats, depending on natural stone details possible. The stones are from the Sto-daughter Hemmstone. The example shows the shell limestone StoFossil SKL, whose color scale changes between light gray, brown and bluish nuances.

Three underground systems for the natural stone slab façade

For the heat protection either one provides Thermal Insulation Composite System or a Curtain ventilated facade system (VHF).

On the thermal insulation composite systems StoTherm Vario and StoTherm Mineral, the Natural stone tiles glued directly to the reinforcing layer become.

For StoTherm Classic, the reinforcement layer is initially with Prime StoPrep Contact, Alternatively, StoVerotec Stone Massive is available as a curtain-type, ventilated façade system massive flagstones and special undercut anchor for optional.

Here are the natural stones (without conventional drilling mortar anchoring) with special, weather-independent undercut technique directly attached to clasp profiles on the Sto stainless steel / aluminum substructure.

Attach natural stone facade yourself: attach

The processing of the tiles begins with the definition of the bond on the reinforcing layer (picture) and the cutting of the boards.

Attach natural stone facade yourself: natural

Then the special adhesive StoColl KM is first applied to the wall.

Attach natural stone facade yourself: natural

Then apply natural stone glue to the back of the natural stone slabs.

Attach natural stone facade yourself: stone

Then float the tiles on the ground, align and press.

Attach natural stone facade yourself: stone

Then grout the natural stone slabs using a trowel with StoColl FM-K.

Attach natural stone facade yourself: stone

The rewash of the joints during the drying process completes the installation of the natural stone slabs.

Attach natural stone facade yourself: natural

An alternative is the Schlämmfuge: Here, the craftsman brings the joint mortar StoColl FM-S into the joint with a sponge disk. The Schlämmfuge is used on smooth non-absorbent stones.

(Photos: Sto AG)

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