Natural stone can not be dyed, but intensified

Even though resourceful minds are constantly trying to develop methods, means and procedures to color natural stone, it is ultimately not really possible. Existing colors can be strengthened and deepened. The effect does not go far beyond the optical effect of wetness. New color can only produce a covering coating.

Origin, vintage and layer depth determine the color

More often buyers of natural stone experience a little surprise. The pattern stone in the stone shop had a different color impact than the product actually delivered. Good advice is expensive if the worktop suddenly does not match the dishes or the floor panels bite with the curtain fabric.

Concerning the coloring and the coloring of natural stone a "winner" is fixed from the beginning. A natural stone can be easily influenced, but not colored. Existing shades can be intensified by luster or indentation, but a change is impossible.

Natural stone may be a bit like wine. It depends on the place of origin, the time of dismantling and the composition. Even in the same quarry, the layers can always produce new colors during mining. To have security in the color, only a hand-picked helps the already erupted natural stone blocks.

Intensity can be influenced

The color of the natural stone is composed of minerals and sands. By working up such as polishing or treating such as impregnation deeper effects are possible. For example, glossy oils can make the main color look brighter.

An actual change of color can only be achieved by covering the natural stone. Since the available natural stone types deliver almost any hue, only the intensity is a change option in the decision. The common natural stones occur in the following colors:

  • beige
  • blue
  • brown
  • Colorful
  • dark gray
  • yellow
  • green
  • light gray
  • medium gray
  • pink
  • red
  • black
  • White

Of course, there are infinitely many combination forms that combine in grains, textures and structures.

Tips & Tricks

If you use natural stone as the predominant furnishing element in the room, you should select all other furnishings such as furniture and textiles only when the natural stone is mounted. If necessary, help photos of a good camera or a stone sample when purchasing matching residential elements and accessories.

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