Clean natural stone staircase only with water if possible

The cleaning of a natural stone staircase is divided into two types of cleaning. The regular and frequent maintenance cleaning should be done with as few aids as possible. For basic or maintenance cleaning, which is normally a maximum of once a year, the cleaning agents and procedures must be carefully selected.

Always fresh water

Basically, every time you clean a natural stone staircase, less is more. Cleaning agents that produce a film on the surface of natural stone, as well as acidic substances are very economical or ideally not to use. Closing the pores hinders the natural stone from drying off breathably, which can lead to discolouration.

As a rule of thumb, any cleaning agent added to the water for natural stone stairs should have a pH of at least seven. In most cases, however, pure mop water is perfectly adequate for maintenance maintenance. Care should be taken to use fresh water for each step of the staircase so as not to spread the dirt but to remove it.

Procedure for maintenance cleaning

  • Soft broom / hand brush
  • cotton cloth
  • Mop or scrubber
  • Possibly neutral soap
  • puller

1. Dust removal

Before using water on the natural stone staircase, use a soft broom and / or dry cotton cloth to remove coarse dirt, sand and dust from the steps. The procedure is similar to conventional dusting.

2. Cleaning

Spread the water step by step on the natural stone stairway with a saturated mop or soft scrubber dipped in clear water. Distribute the water using circular rubbing and immediately dry the tread of the step with a puller.

3. Water change

If you are not using a water hose with constantly fresh water, change the water as often as possible, but no later than when discoloration by dirt occurs.

Basic and maintenance cleaning

An annual or less basic cleaning should make you dependent on the condition of the natural stone staircase. For softer rocks such as marble, basalt and sandstone can form over the years a patina. It is not necessary to completely remove them.

Special cleaning agents for the respective type of natural stone can be used according to the manufacturer's instructions. For deeper and / or heavier soiling, sandblasting or sanding are alternatives.

Tips & Tricks

If dark stains on the stairs are not removable, you can "blur" the visual impact of colored oils.

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