Cut natural stone tiles neatly

Laying natural stone tiles is no problem. For every stone the right glue is offered. Cutting natural stone tiles, on the other hand, is the biggest problem you'll face when laying these tiles. Below you will find information about the different cutting techniques and tools.

The peculiarities of cutting natural stone tiles

Ceramic and glass tiles are extremely easy to cut. Just scrape the surface and break along the scribed line - done. However, this does not work for natural stone tiles. Even with expensive and expensive equipment you will often not be able to achieve the quality as the natural stone manufacturer. They either use special sawing machines, where the stones are cut under high pressure with a fine jet of water or a diamond saw band is used. But these are all devices and machines that are extremely expensive - you can probably have your floor tile tiled by the craftsman 20 times.

Tile and glass cutter

Forget conventional tile and glass cutters. This natural stone tiles are not cut.

Angle grinder with diamond stone cutting disc

With the angle grinder, a diamond cutting disc and a lot of patience and perseverance you can cut every natural stone tile - even granite tiles and slabs. However, it is impossible to create a truly accurate and straight cut. You need to lay such cut natural stone tiles in such a way that the cutting edge disappears later under an end cap. Even if you think the cut would look pretty good.

At the latest, when the natural stone tiles are grouted, you will see the actual cutting edge with all its damages and irregularities. In addition, you come across natural stone tiles and slabs as flooring on another border: as a floor covering natural stone tiles are chamfered, that is, the edges are slightly bevelled. Non-chamfered beveled edges pose an extreme risk of injury. Non-chamfered granite slabs or tiles are razor-sharp.

Wet cutting machines

Even wet cutting machines or wet cutting saws need a diamond saw blade. In addition, the saw blade is cooled when cutting with water. Here you can reach quite passable edges, but you will notice even with a really high-quality device that the quality of the cut edge is still far from being characterized by perfection, as the cutting edge of the natural stone tile manufacturer. However, the cut edges are so good that you can also lay cut tiles visibly.

General for cutting with diamond discs

Whether diamond saw blade of the wet cutting saw or the diamond stone cutting disc - when cutting with diamond discs you must pay attention to the special features. Diamond discs are used because they can cut extremely hard materials. However, you have to work or cut very sensitively here. Too much pressure on the diamond wheel leads to an above-average rapid wear of the disc or the saw blade. Even if you think that you can not get ahead without pressure when cutting the natural stone tiles - here is really extremely patience required.

Tips & Tricks

You do not have to do without a wet cutting saw just because you want to install natural stone tiles once in your life. Many hardware stores and tool rental companies have the equipment to choose from, which you can rent. If you want to install natural stone tiles as a floor covering, make sure that the wet cutting machine also has a device so that you can chamfer the natural stone tiles.

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